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How might you find the RIGHT records management company?

As with anything in business, finding the right partner or expert can make all the difference when it comes to finding a records management company. If you are curious about the trend of cloud data management or even just need some extra space around the office, then you should at least look into how records… Read More »

5 Reasons to Outsource Document Management

Staffing firms are able to provide a very specialized service to their customers. They specialize in identifying and recruiting industry-leading talent and work closely with their clients to clarify their staffing needs and work toward solutions. While your team of highly qualified representatives has their hands full with doing what they do best, the last… Read More »

Data Security is a Team Commitment 

Wondering how you can get your staff passionate about security? You’re certainly not alone. It truly takes a team effort to stay ahead of hackers and data breaches. Without clear investment from your employees, it can be difficult if not impossible to do what needs to be done. But gaining that commitment from employees is… Read More »

How Offsite Data Storage Can Help Keep Your Business Running Effectively in 2021

As with anything in business, there are pros and cons to moving to fully off-site data storage. But if you are curious about the trend of cloud data management or even just need some extra space around the office, then you should at least look into how off-site storage might be a solution for your business.  The… Read More »

How to Properly Store X-Ray Files Before Disposing of the Materials 

Proper storage is an important part of x-ray file management. Making sure you are considering the security and legal needs of these specialized documents before moving forward with disposal. There are several things you need to keep in mind as you are exploring this critical document management issue.   Data Security  It’s just not enough to… Read More »

What you need to know about managing PST files

Electronic document management needs to be a key part of your data security strategy. You probably know all about managing your physical records, and even your digital documents (whether saved to servers or to the cloud), but PST files (or email archives) can be a different beast. Here’s what you need to know about managing… Read More »

How to professionally and safely store electronic health records

As more and more hospitals and health service providers move their client data online for the convenience of electronic record keeping, data security may seem like new territory. But when businesses are able to professionally and safely store electronic health records, they are better able to serve the needs of their customers. We’ve heard all about the data… Read More »

Maintaining Data Security When Managing a Remote Workforce

In the era of social distancing, those businesses that are able to leverage the power of a productive remote workforce are the ones who are able to lead the economy into a digital age. But with a remote workforce come unique challenges. How do you maintain data security while managing a remote workforce? Read on to find out.… Read More »

Five Benefits to Storing Records Offsite

If you are still managing your documents on-site, chances are that your filing system is your biggest weakness. From lost documents to the ongoing cost of housing hard copy records (or servers) on-site, you are actively risking your data and your peace of mind by not upgrading to an offsite file storage system. Here are… Read More »

The Future of Records Management – Digital Access to Offsite Storage

The days of stacks and stacks of filing cabinets are long behind us. The modern age of records management calls for the security of offsite storage yet the convenience of cloud computing. But those two benefits don’t naturally come hand in hand. That’s why it’s so helpful to have a true partner in your records… Read More »