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The key to developing a personal development plan to help you let go of a bad moment at work

Everyone makes mistakes at work from time to time, but a really bad moment at work can have lasting impacts on your career. Here are a few things you can do to develop a personal development plan and get back on track. Get Organized and Get Focused Lingering on a mistake can seem helpful if… Read More »

What Else Can Happy Faces Family of Companies Do for Your Company?

If you are familiar with the Happy Faces family, you know that it is our passion to provide our customers with the services they need to get the job done and keep their businesses growing. Each of our companies is a direct response to a growing need for customized business solutions in a variety of… Read More »

One Good Deed For the Day; One Big Deed For Earth

Sustainability in the workplace is a growing area of emphasis for businesses around the world. While understanding that there is an ongoing need to focus on the bottom line, there are ways to do this that help create an ecosystem of sustainable business practices that make a real difference in the long term. If you… Read More »

15 Motivational Quotes to Help You Improve Your Work Week

Making it through the week can be tough. From crowded calendars to project failures, there are some days where it can seem like nothing ever goes right. But the fact of the matter is that so much of your happiness within a role or at a company is entirely dependent on your own mindset. Sometimes… Read More »

How can removing energy drinks improve your daily productivity?

Productivity is key to being effective in the workforce. There are so many different factors that can influence whether or not you are able to accomplish the tasks set before you that it can sometimes be an uphill battle to stay productive. While many might think that when you need to get more out of… Read More »

Cyber Threats are More Than Just a “Large Organization’s Problem”

There are so many different cyber threats today that many businesses are investing serious financial resources into building better protections for their company and their clients. But keep in mind, digital security is not just a must for enterprise markets. Small and medium-sized businesses and organizations are equally at risk. In fact, more than half… Read More »

Simple Ways to Protect Your Data…That You’re Probably Overlooking

Data leakage is very real and surprisingly common form of security breach. The scary thing is that many businesses don’t even notice it happening right under their noses. Often, hackers use high-level technical skills and technology to get in under the radar, but sometimes the data loss comes from simple user error. It turns out… Read More »

Is Enterprise Security Getting Better? Or Worse?

Enterprise security is a big issue today because cyber criminals are focusing on the targets where they know they can earn the most profit and do the most damage. It’s taken a little while, but companies are learning that the risks of poor digital security can have a huge impact on their businesses. While it… Read More »

How to Boost Data Security in Your Office – Without Breaking the Bank

Data security is critical to maintaining relationships with clients and building your reputation as a quality company. The big data breaches experienced by household names like Dropbox and Target inevitably result in lost clients and lost profitability. Rather than working your way out of a catastrophic data breach, it is much better to keep the… Read More »

Look Out For These Security Hacks When Taking Your Next Business Trip

Cyber security is even more of a concern for frequent travelers than for those employees able to depend on access to a reliable and secure network from 9 to 5. There are a number of vulnerabilities that working while traveling can expose you to. Today we’re talking about some key issues and common concerns to… Read More »