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A look into what 2022 will bring for data privacy and security

The coming year will likely bring many changes when it comes to business management and data security. But one thing will always remain the same. Investing in your business means investing in your digital security and data privacy. Understanding the landscape of cyber threats can help you prepare for the future, even if we don’t… Read More »

Establishing a document destruction and shredding process for your workforce

Hard copy records and files are often the biggest source of vulnerable data that companies need to manage. That’s why document disposal is so critical to data security. But in the new world of remote work or hybrid offices, how do you keep up with those proper document destruction processes when your team may or… Read More »

Still working from home? Now more than ever it’s important to enforce data security among your team

The way we all work has dramatically changed post COVID-19. Record numbers of companies are enabling their staff to work remotely or in some hybrid scenario. For those teams still working from home, even just part time, it’s more important than ever to educate and enforce data security initiatives. With cyber-crimes on the rise, the… Read More »

5 Steps to Make 2022 a Year of Happiness

Happiness takes on many forms throughout life. What brings one person delight and joy can be challenging or even frustrating to another. Your happiness can only be defined by yourself, and don’t expect that it’ll be the same from year to year. It all depends on your unique situation and what you expect from life.… Read More »

Promoting Thankfulness and Gratitude this Holiday Season

The holiday season is the perfect time to reflect and focus on what we are grateful for from the year. While much happiness can result from this thankfulness and gratitude, it might be a bit challenging at times to focus on the big picture, appreciate the things and the people you have in your life. … Read More »

How to become a better version of yourself this fall

Self-care has been a popular buzz word lately, but the importance of taking care of your health and wellness, especially during such stressful and challenging times, is more clear now than ever before. But unpacking what that “best version” of yourself can be challenging.   The truth is that just as self-care is different for everybody, your best… Read More »

The key to making ordinary moments a little more special

Happiness may be subjective. But the things the increase happiness broadly, might surprise you in their simplicity. Here are a few things you can do, easily, that will make those ordinary life moments, a little more special.   Get Some Exercise  Many people can increase their happiness through one very simple activity – exercise. If you… Read More »

A simple way to jumpstart your morning routine

Mornings can be hectic, but they are also a critically important time in terms of setting intentions for the day. If you are struggling to simply get out the door on time in the mornings, but are looking for ways to get off to a better start, don’t think you need to reinvent the wheel. Try just… Read More »

The power behind a tiny act of kindness

Happiness is the ultimate goal, or at least what most people are working to achieve. It can mean different things to different people, but the way to get there is pretty similar, no matter who you are and what you do for your work. Kindness is key. Here are four small ways you can change your life… Read More »

How to maintain data security practices with employees starting to travel for summer vacation

Summer is here, and as more parts of the country open up, you can be sure your employees are eager to get out of town and enjoy their opportunity to travel. However, with travel comes a certain degree of risk on the data security front. You know that secure travel should be a top priority. But… Read More »