Keep toxins out of waterways.

Film disposal is complex and federally regulated. Most x-rays and other films contain silver – which isn’t toxic to humans, but is to the microorganisms at the bottom of the food chain. Silver film coatings must not seep into groundwater, streams or rivers.

HF Services has provided environmentally friendly film recycling for the medical and printing industries since 1995. Our film recycling process meets EPA and HIPAA standards and includes:

  • Paper is separated from film and all PII from x-ray jackets are appropriately shredded.
  • Grinders render film into half-inch particle flakes making the film incomprehensible.
  • Film is tested to determine silver content.
  • Silver coatings are separated from film in a series of four chemical burns.
  • Emulsified silver and other coatings are sent to settling tanks. Plastics are cleaned utilizing a patented UnPET® process and sent to recycling companies for use in clothing and packaging.
  • Emulsion mixture is processed to allow silver to precipitate and the water is recycled.
  • Remaining silver is roasted to ash. All traces of water and other impurities are removed.
  • Ash is smelted at close to 2,000⁰F until silver liquefies. It is cast into ingot molds to cool and then sent to silver refiners.

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