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Why every manager should educate their team to shred sensitive documents instead of simply throwing them out

The right time to think about how to protect your company from a data breach is before one occurs. There are any number of preventative measures you can take to protect your business, but none of them are helpful after a breach occurs. Information security training for your new hires and refreshers for your long-term staff… Read More »

Is a shredding service near your office enough for proper document destruction?

Hard copy records and files are often the biggest source of vulnerable PPI that companies need to manage. Making sure that your business is properly disposing of documents is a critical component to managing risk and data security. The shredding service down the street might not do what you need to maintain your data security.  … Read More »

Back to the Basics: Why every critical document should be destroyed instead of simply recycled

The digital age has brought with it new levels of convenience and productivity but also unforeseen levels of risk when it comes to data security. Documents, whether they are hard copy or digital, archived or recycled, all offer different risks when it comes to what they can expose in terms of data security.   Hard copy records and… Read More »

How to choose the right document destruction service for YOUR company

Knowing who and when to partner with a third party is a critical skill for business owners. Document destruction and security management are especially important. Understanding the ins and outs of your business should be a top priority for anyone you choose to trust in this capacity. But not every service is the right fit.… Read More »

A Crash Course Reminder: Document Disposal

Knowing that your employees are safely and securely disposing of your business documents is key to peace of mind in a data security-focused business. Data destruction and security really matter in our modern era of security breaches and hacks. To make sure your remote employees are equipped with the knowledge they need to keep your… Read More »

X-Ray Waste Disposal – What You Should Know

X-rays are a critical tool for helping doctors and dentists manage their clients’ health. But if you’re not up to date on the latest record disposal processes, x-ray film disposal might come as a shock. It’s a little more complex than simply running them through the shredder. X-Ray film disposal and recycling can have negative… Read More »

Tips for Hard Drive Disposal or Destruction

Our computers inevitably become archives for some of our most important personal and professional information. Important files are saved to hard drives. Passwords and even credit card information can be accessible if your device gets into the wrong hands. So when it comes to disposing of old computers, especially hard drive disposal or destruction, you want… Read More »

Can metallized film be recycled? What is the process?

Companies often struggle with metalized film recycling because it is a challenge for those who don’t have the knowledge or the process in place to protect their company. There’s a lot at stake when it comes to film. Film contains both chemicals and toxins that are regulated by local environmental agencies that need to be… Read More »

How do doctors go about disposing X-Ray pictures?

Disposing of certain types of records is a little more complex than simply running them through the shredder. X-Ray film disposal and recycling when done incorrectly can have severe and complicated side effects. That’s why it’s so important to work with an expert who understands the complexities of records management. Here’s a look at what… Read More »

How to properly educate your team on document destruction when everyone is working from home

Hard copy records and files are often the biggest sources of vulnerable PPI that companies need to manage. That’s why document disposal is so critical to data security. But in the new work from home environment, how do you keep up with those proper document destruction processes when everyone is working remotely? Education is key.… Read More »