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Looking for a new way to help your environment? Invest in clean film recycling techniques

Film recycling is a big deal. Not only are there several different environmental toxins contained within, but the improper disposal of this material can really do damage to your environment. Film disposal is a federally regulated act as most x-rays and film contain silver. Silver is toxic to microorganisms which are the foundation of the… Read More »

How Thorough is Your Current Process for Film Recycling?

Film recycling is a strange beast. The material contains a wide variety of chemicals and toxins that are regulated by local environmental agencies as well as the issues at risk around client data and privacy. If you aren’t confident that you are protecting yourself and your company in how you are recycling your film records,… Read More »

Don’t Fool Around, Make Sure to Destroy Your Secure Documents

April Fool’s Day doesn’t need to leave you feeling the fool. Make sure you are doing your due diligence and making sure that your secure documents are destroyed properly. Whether it’s medical film, client data, human resources documentation, or other critical documentation, you need to make sure that you are following the right standards of… Read More »

Ready for some spring cleaning? Recycle old documents and files properly by following these tips

As the warm weather comes to your part of the region, the urge to clean out old documents and re-organize your filing cabinets can come on strong. It’s a good thing, and helps companies create a fresh start and clear out the clutter. But not every document can be thrown in the trash. Recycling files… Read More »

Data Security Starts With Education: Free resources to share with your team to improve their knowledge

When it comes to data security, knowledge is power. But without the most up to date information or training opportunities, you and your employees might be at a distinct disadvantage. Hackers and cyber criminals are always learning and creating new ways to gain access to data that is not theirs to access. Therefore, it’s critical… Read More »

Why film recycling is much more than throwing old film in the closet dumpster

Film is an interesting record format. It’s made up of a variety of materials and chemicals that make recycling film records interesting, to say the least. Medical film, in particular, presents several challenges in proper disposal, from patient security to toxin management. If you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to film recycling,… Read More »

What Harm Can Putting a Document in a Recycling Bin Really Cause?

The answer to that question is quite a lot actually. As digital security becomes more of a concern, don’t forget that hard copy documents can also be a source of critically damaging data leakage. Human error is the top cause of data loss. And unless your employees know the best practices for recycling, storing, and… Read More »

Choosing a Film Recycling Company isn’t Just About Data, it’s an Environmental Decision

The environmental impacts of your business decisions can have long-term and far-reaching effects on your community and the global environment. While it might seem like just another drop in the ocean, improper disposal of film and other chemical-laden documents can be very harmful to the environment and can result in your company getting fined or… Read More »

How to Educate Your Team on the Importance of Document Storage and Management

In the present day and age of high-profile data hacks and cyber-crime, many companies are forgetting to emphasize the continued importance of document storage and management. Don’t let this critical area become a surprising vulnerability. Here are 3 important tips to help your employees make good decisions when it comes to storing and archiving important… Read More »

Data Destruction: How Long Should You be Holding on to Sensitive Business Information?

As more cyber security incidents occur on the global stage, more businesses are realizing they need to take serious action in order to process and manage their sensitive business information. While it can be a hassle to archive documents that no longer seem useful or needed, the truth is that certain sensitive information should be… Read More »