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The Key to Managing Your Team is to be Vigilant with Data Securit

In today’s day and age, cyber-attacks and data leaks are part of doing business. To combat them, you need to have a solid plan in place, one that effectively protects your data and customer information, reducing liability risks in the process. To stay vigilant with data security, make sure you: Know your data. If you… Read More »

How to train your team to stay alert when processing requests from other clients

Of course, the best time to prepare for a data breach is before one even occurs. There are any number of preventative measures you and your team can take to protect your business, but none of them are helpful after the fact. Information security training for your new hires should be a critical part of… Read More »

Should your office elect a “data security” champion to lead security initiatives?

Data security should be a priority for all your employees. But assigning a Data Security Team Leader is a great way to make sure that critical considerations don’t get lost in the mix of everyday business. Here are some of the key benefits to assigning a “data security champion” to help your team lead security… Read More »

Data Security is a Team Commitment 

Wondering how you can get your staff passionate about security? You’re certainly not alone. It truly takes a team effort to stay ahead of hackers and data breaches. Without clear investment from your employees, it can be difficult if not impossible to do what needs to be done. But gaining that commitment from employees is… Read More »

How Can You Maintain a High Level of Security While Working from Home?

Data security in the modern age of remote workers and working from can be a challenge. But it’s still very important to take into consideration because of the demands of an increasingly remote workforce call for a modern security strategy. Here are a few ways that you can keep your team connected and effective while… Read More »

Everyday Work Habits that Put Your Data and Records at Risk

There are so many ways hackers can gain access to your data these days, but as awareness grows most employers are getting smarter about keeping their risk to a minimum. Despite their best efforts, there are still several common work habits that still put data and records at risk. Here are 3 bad habits that… Read More »