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4 Cyber-Security Tools Every Business Needs to Implement Before 2020

Cybersecurity is one of the most rapidly evolving industries today. That’s in part because as businesses do more to keep their data protected, hackers are motivated to find new and improved ways to gain access to that very content. To keep up with the constant development of new threats to your company’s cybersecurity, you need… Read More »

Three Actions to Take When An Employee Quits to Maximize Data Security and Confidentiality

Data security may very well be most at risk when an employee quits and leaves unexpectedly. The risk to confidentiality and overall data containment can be up in the air, particularly if the employee is disgruntled or has ill intentions as they leave. Internal security threats are surprisingly more common than you might think. Disgruntled… Read More »

The Key to Protecting Your Identity on Sites Like Facebook and LinkedIn

Using popular websites like Facebook and Linkedin is a part of modern-day living. We use social networking sites to stay connected to our friends, family, coworkers, and community. But because these sites are so popular, you can expect that cybercriminals will be testing the boundaries of what information they can gather from such sites. Having… Read More »

Data security shouldn’t only be a concern amid a breach!

A data breach or a hack of any kind can be devastating for businesses. They require a serious cost investment to address and a crisis management approach to remediation. That is a big concern for companies in the modern age, but it’s not just amid a breach when you need to be concerned about data… Read More »

What should YOU do the moment you hear passwords have been compromised on a site you use?

Corporate hacks seem almost commonplace these days. But while our sensitivity to such events may have subsided with time, they can still do real damage to companies hit by the attack. Password compromise, in particular, can have a widespread and far-reaching impact. Just look at the major Dropbox hack from a few years prior which… Read More »

The three best blogs to subscribe to in order to stay vigilant about cyber threats

Cyber threats to businesses are ongoing are insidious in nature. The damage from an effective attack could be widespread and long-lasting, costing a company hundreds of thousands. Those businesses left vulnerable to acts of cyber theft or sabotage could severely be hampered by damage to their brand reputation and the loss of critical client information.… Read More »

Are Your Employee Onboarding Documents Giving New Hires Too Much Critical Information about Your Company?

Onboarding new hires is such a critical part of recruiting success. But, there is such a thing as too much information and too much access, especially when it comes to new hires. There is a real risk to data security when you allow onboarding employees access to too much critical information about your company, whether… Read More »

Are Remote Workers A Larger Security Risk?

Data security in the modern age of remote workers can be a challenge. But the demands of a remote workforce simply call for a modern security strategy. Businesses can leverage a broader talent pool and work across time zones if they are connected in a secure and efficient manner.  Tools like VPN are critical, but… Read More »

Three Reasons People Are Moving to Online Data Storage

There is a lot of information out there about moving to the cloud. It can be confusing to know whether moving to online data storage is the right move for your business. There are security concerns to moving to the cloud unprepared that can have dramatic consequences to your data security. There are technological challenges… Read More »

Debunking Myths: Cloud Storage Is Insecure

If you are considering moving your records management processes to the cloud, the concern around cloud storage security is a real one. You know there are clear benefits in terms of convenience and storage capacity to cloud storage. But trusting the cloud can be a challenge. Businesses from large to small should be concerned with… Read More »