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This Stealthy Hacking Campaign Uses a New Trick to Deliver Its Malware

Just when you thought data security couldn’t get more complicated, hackers are now using a newer, even more sophisticated method for accessing data with malware. Symanetic has recently uncovered a never-before-documented dropper to install malware. A dropper is simply a helper-type program that stays under the radar and facilitates the installation of malware.  How it… Read More »

The Key to Managing Your Team is to be Vigilant with Data Securit

In today’s day and age, cyber-attacks and data leaks are part of doing business. To combat them, you need to have a solid plan in place, one that effectively protects your data and customer information, reducing liability risks in the process. To stay vigilant with data security, make sure you: Know your data. If you… Read More »

Beware: Workplace Computer Viruses On the Rise

As fraud is on the rise across the country, protecting your data seems to be getting more complicated by the day. The fraudulent access of information online has really become something that businesses and civilians all need to take seriously to stay safe in the digital era. One of the most common entry points for… Read More »

Cyber Risks in Your Everyday Life

Cyber security concerns are bigger than ever, and you might be surprised where the biggest risks are found. They are often found in your everyday life. Cyber security is most important when you are traveling, in a rush and pressed for time, or even just clicking on link in an email from a supposed friend.… Read More »

Beware of These Popular Texting Scams That Could Threaten Your Business’ Security

Texting scams are increasing in popularity these days. For those who don’t recognize them, they can cause serious damage to your personal and your business security. To make sure you and your team stay safe, here are some tips to help you stay ahead of the next big wave of cyber crime.   Educate and… Read More »

Are Your Web Behaviors Threatening Your Office’s Data Security?

Navigating how we use the internet is critical. In the age of remote work, working while traveling, and yes, still working from the office. Cyber threats are always at play, so make sure that you are using the internet in a way that helps mitigate that threat and reduces the risk of lost data security.… Read More »

Data Security Should Be Your Team’s TOP Priority

The appropriate time to worry about a data breach is before one occurs. And that means you need to be sure your team knows how to protect the company’s data security proactively. Information or data security training for your new hires should be critical for their onboarding process. But refresher courses for current staff are… Read More »

How might you better train new hires to be vigilant when operating in their email?

As a business, data security seems like a constantly moving target. The truth is that it’s never a one and done task that you can check off your to do list. Cyber security and data security are an ongoing process that everyone on your team needs to invest in. But the best place to start… Read More »

How to train your team to stay alert when processing requests from other clients

Of course, the best time to prepare for a data breach is before one even occurs. There are any number of preventative measures you and your team can take to protect your business, but none of them are helpful after the fact. Information security training for your new hires should be a critical part of… Read More »

Managing a remote workforce? Consider these ways to prioritize data security

As more and more companies are embracing remote work in the face of social distancing, cyber security has quickly become top of mind. For those unfamiliar with the cyber security landscape, it can feel overwhelming to get started. But there are several key services and programs that are worth looking into to make sure you… Read More »