We’re here to make you happier!

…and make your job easier. By leveraging technology and expertise, we are able to provide great service at a low cost. That focus on making customers and employees happy to assure a win-win-win outcome is as strong today as it was more than two decades ago.

Everything we do as a company has to pass our Four Question Decision Guideline:

  1. Is it truthful?
  2. Is it fair?
  3. Does it build goodwill?
  4. Does it benefit everyone involved?

Only when these questions are answered can we move forward.

What sets HF Services apart?

  • Experience with companies of all sizes and multiple industries
  • State-of-the-art tracking and web interface
  • Customized solutions that work with your current processes
  • Extensive nationwide reach through affiliate network


What is a records center, and why would I use one?

A commercial records center is a professional firm that specializes in the storage and security, management of and access to records/data. This is accomplished utilizing the latest technologies and proven records management practices.

Records management companies provide:

  • Efficiency in terms of maximum use of space
  • Detailed tracking and accurate information of every item stored
  • Expedited retrieval and return, often faster than office staff can locate files themselves
  • Confidentiality and protection against inappropriate access
  • Compliance with numerous government regulations
  • Documented process for destruction of records once they exceed mandated retention periods
  • Cost based on actual usage is far less than utilizing self-storage facilities or expensive office space

Can we use our own boxes for storage?

In short, yes. As long as your boxes meet minimum standards for strength, durability and size, you should be fine. We use a standardized set of boxes to maximize storage space. In addition, boxes purchased from HF Services are guaranteed for life, there will never be a replacement cost should the box need to be replaced.

For most common records, we use four types of boxes:

  • Letter (standard): 1.2 cu. ft.
  • Legal: 2.4 cu. ft.
  • Ledger: 3.6 cu. ft.
  • X-ray: 1.8 cu. ft.

What are my options for delivery?

We have two primary delivery options, physical and electronic. For physical deliveries, we offer next day, same day and rush (two hours). For electronic deliveries we can establish turnaround times based on your needs, but in no case will this exceed one hour. Our electronic delivery is secure and compliant with various federal regulations.

What are retention policies, and how are they applied?

Retention policies are documented sets of rules for how long each record type must be retained before being eligible for destruction. Every industry has a different set of record types. HF Services maintains a default set of policies that will meet minimum requirements for state and federal regulations. In some cases, however, companies, management structure, or even insurance companies may require a more stringent set of retention policies. We rely on the customer to inform us of any retention policy that should be applied over and above our default.

Do you automatically destroy items once retention is met?

Once an item is scheduled for destruction based on its retention policy, we generate a report and present it to your records manager. Nothing is destroyed until a signed authorization is received by our office.

What do I need to do in order to prepare items for storage with HF Services?

It is quite simple. As a full service records center, the only thing you NEED to do is call our office, and alert us to the type and approximate quantity of files for storage. HF Services will arrive with the appropriate number of boxes at a time that is most convenient to your operation. IF this means arriving after normal business hours, then we will do so without a surcharge to you.

We will pull, box and categorize all items scheduled for transfer. Once back at our facility, each box/item will undergo our speedy intake process where we capture relevant data to properly index and account for attributes such as general description, destroy date, security levels, etc. Once this has been completed, the items are placed in their storage area until retrieval or destruction.

What is the cost for storage, and does the size of the box make a difference?

Box size will determine the total number of cubic footage you will require. Other factors such as boxes being over packed (such that the tops do not fit) can factor into the overall cost of storage. Costs are calculated based on a number of factors, including type of storage required, estimated activity and volume. In all cases, storage is based on how many cubic feet in terms of boxes, or linear feet in terms of open files, you store. Please call our management team at 770-414-9931 or via email at info@happyfaces.net to talk through our pricing options.