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Beware of These Popular Texting Scams That Could Threaten Your Business’ Security

Texting scams are increasing in popularity these days. For those who don’t recognize them, they can cause serious damage to your personal and your business security. To make sure you and your team stay safe, here are some tips to help you stay ahead of the next big wave of cyber crime.   Educate and… Read More »

Hiring? Are You Properly Managing Applicant Paperwork and Destroying it in a Professional Way?

Despite many companies moving parts of the document management systems into the cloud, businesses continue to create vast amounts of paperwork. This is especially true for the paperwork involved in recruitment and hiring processes. Various documents require different levels of management. But there is so much more to destroying a document properly than throwing it… Read More »

How to Better Manage Your Remote Workforce to Track Their Success Metrics

Data security in the modern age of remote workers can be a challenge. But the demands of a remote workforce simply call for a modern security strategy. Businesses can leverage a broader talent pool. They can also work across time zones if they are connected in a secure and efficient manner.  VPN is the best… Read More »

Are Your Web Behaviors Threatening Your Office’s Data Security?

Navigating how we use the internet is critical. In the age of remote work, working while traveling, and yes, still working from the office. Cyber threats are always at play, so make sure that you are using the internet in a way that helps mitigate that threat and reduces the risk of lost data security.… Read More »

Data Security Should Be Your Team’s TOP Priority

The appropriate time to worry about a data breach is before one occurs. And that means you need to be sure your team knows how to protect the company’s data security proactively. Information or data security training for your new hires should be critical for their onboarding process. But refresher courses for current staff are… Read More »

How to train your team to stay alert when processing requests from other clients

Of course, the best time to prepare for a data breach is before one even occurs. There are any number of preventative measures you and your team can take to protect your business, but none of them are helpful after the fact. Information security training for your new hires should be a critical part of… Read More »

Is remote access and VPN a secure strategy for remote work in 2020?

Remote work has become a business necessity in the era of COVID-19. Many businesses had to shift their workforce strategy from all or mostly office-based to at least partially remote to help enforce social distancing requirements of the majority of the United States in 2020. But that shift happened so fast that it’s hard to… Read More »

Where is WIFI Headed? And Can We Make Sure it Stays Secure?

WIFI has quickly become an essential tool in the function of doing business. We rely on it to stay connected at work, at home, even in coffee shops around the world. Access to the internet whenever and wherever we need it is becoming the new norm. But that’s not where it ends. There’s a bright… Read More »

Preparing for the Hack: 3 Hacks Coming For YOUR Business

Currently, it seems all but inevitable that your business will get hit by a hack of some sort. While there are several things you can do to prepare, and prevent such an attack, knowledge of what might be coming for you can help you stay ahead of the problem. The Internet of Things has invited… Read More »

Securing Sensitive Data – Don’t Make THESE Mistakes

In today’s world of digital transformation and cloud computing, it is more important than ever to secure and protect your critical files and sensitive data. It is surprising to see how many companies regularly make simple mistakes that result in expensive breaches and loss of data. Here are the biggest mistakes security experts still see… Read More »