Destroy your documents, not your business.

Securely and completely destroying documents is critical to maintaining privacy, security and complying with federal and state regulations. Failing to heed these laws and regulations can lead to fines or imprisonment.

Why not just use your own shredder in-house?

  • It’s inefficient. Document shredding takes time and money that can be better spent elsewhere.
  • It’s not safe or secure. What does a criminal call a bag of shredded documents? A challenge. With time, determination and ill-intent, most documents can be reconstructed.
  • It kills more trees. Shredded paper just goes to the dump. We recycle everything from paper to optical media to film, safely and conveniently.
  • It makes a mess. Who needs random paper bits and dust all over the office?

HF Services offers two services for destruction of material:

Recurring Service

We’ll provide your office with secure, coded consoles for your sensitive documents. They will blend seamlessly with your décor and feature side rather than top access, so that you won’t accidentally send takeout menus or a pop tart for shredding.

Ancillary Service

Securely dispose of just a box of files or a whole truckload. We’ll come to your office at your convenience.

Not sure who’s showing up at your door to pick up your documents? No worries – our drivers are bonded, background checked and bound to confidentiality agreements.

Request document shredding services today.