4 Cyber-Security Tools Every Business Needs to Implement Before 2020

Cybersecurity is one of the most rapidly evolving industries today. That’s in part because as businesses do more to keep their data protected, hackers are motivated to find new and improved ways to gain access to that very content. To keep up with the constant development of new threats to your company’s cybersecurity, you need… Read More »

Question: How Long Do I Need to Hang onto Business Documents Before Shredding Them?

A frequently asked question that we hear is how long businesses need to keep business documents before disposing of them. Document management can be a little tricky because the truth is that there is no hard and fast rule on this. As it relates to healthcare, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (or HIPAA)… Read More »

Three Actions to Take When An Employee Quits to Maximize Data Security and Confidentiality

Data security may very well be most at risk when an employee quits and leaves unexpectedly. The risk to confidentiality and overall data containment can be up in the air, particularly if the employee is disgruntled or has ill intentions as they leave. Internal security threats are surprisingly more common than you might think. Disgruntled… Read More »

The Key to Protecting Your Identity on Sites Like Facebook and LinkedIn

Using popular websites like Facebook and Linkedin is a part of modern-day living. We use social networking sites to stay connected to our friends, family, coworkers, and community. But because these sites are so popular, you can expect that cybercriminals will be testing the boundaries of what information they can gather from such sites. Having… Read More »

The key to stop feeling overwhelmed about your day-to-day responsibilities at work

Many people often feel overwhelmed at work. Day to day responsibilities can pile up and cause undo stress. Stress can have an enormous impact on our daily lives, our relationships, and our work performance. Employers and employees alike are learning that the importance of a good work-life balance is critical to their bottom line. But deciding to focus… Read More »

As your business grows how are you deploying processes to keep all employees aligned with data security?

Data security is a concern for businesses of any size or within any industry. The risk you expose your staff, your clients and your business to by not building a secure data environment is real. Companies who don’t address these issues head-on are made more vulnerable every day as hackers and viruses evolve and learn… Read More »

Is Your Document Destruction Plan Environmentally Conscious?

If your document management and disposal strategy consist of simply throwing your documents in the recycling bin, STOP! You are needlessly putting your data security at risk! Also, if you are recycling non-recyclable materials (such as film), you are actually doing more harm then good by releasing dangerous toxins into the ecosystem. It’s very important… Read More »

4 Reasons EVERY employee should be trained on document shredding and recycling

Maintaining clear and organized records is an important part of doing business, especially if you are dealing with contracts on a regular basis. But there inevitably comes a time when archiving those records becomes an unnecessary burden. Disposing of old and unnecessary physical documents can be quite a process. And if your employees don’t know… Read More »

Data security shouldn’t only be a concern amid a breach!

A data breach or a hack of any kind can be devastating for businesses. They require a serious cost investment to address and a crisis management approach to remediation. That is a big concern for companies in the modern age, but it’s not just amid a breach when you need to be concerned about data… Read More »

What should YOU do the moment you hear passwords have been compromised on a site you use?

Corporate hacks seem almost commonplace these days. But while our sensitivity to such events may have subsided with time, they can still do real damage to companies hit by the attack. Password compromise, in particular, can have a widespread and far-reaching impact. Just look at the major Dropbox hack from a few years prior which… Read More »