The top virus protection services to help you keep employee safe

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Protecting Your Company: The best steps you can take this fall 

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The key to coming back to center when you feel your day getting away from you 

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Lessons in Data security from recent hacks to Zoom 

While it seems like everyone was a fast and optimistic adopter of the video conferencing platform Zoom in response to the sudden shift to working from home, some concerning data security incidents have arisen from the pervasive use of the platform. While Zoom as a platform was easy to use, and a free resource suddenly… Read More »

Is remote access and VPN a secure strategy for remote work in 2020?

Remote work has become a business necessity in the era of COVID-19. Many businesses had to shift their workforce strategy from all or mostly office-based to at least partially remote to help enforce social distancing requirements of the majority of the United States in 2020. But that shift happened so fast that it’s hard to… Read More »

The importance of a documented process on what employees CAN and CANNOT install on a work computer

Third-party software can be a real problem for employers concerned about data security. It’s important to understand what’s at stake and take action to protect not just your personal data, but also your corporate data security. You wouldn’t want a stranger to walk into your office and rifle through your files. That’s why you have… Read More »

Where do you want your organization to be in 10 years? 

Goal planning in the age of 2020 can seem like a bigger struggle than in previous years. But knowing what you are looking to achieve is now more important than ever. Even if the steps you take to get there need to change, your end goal should be big enough and long term in nature such that… Read More »

Should you encourage your employees to avoid sharing sensitive data in Slack or other communication platforms?

As the modern workforce has moved to remote work en mass in the past several months, communication platforms such as Slack and Zoom have become hugely instrumental. But with the incorporation of third-party apps and programs, not directly managed by a company’s security department, comes risk to loss or disclosure of sensitive data. It’s important to recognize the risks inherent with using communication… Read More »

The Security Concerns with Self-Hosted Servers for Businesses

There are any number of security concerns businesses need to be aware of when it comes to data storage. Whether you are committed to on-site, off-site, or digital records management, security should always be front and center to your decision making. Self-hosted servers can be a shocking vulnerability for businesses, even those with dedicated IT… Read More »

Is Google Drive a Secure Solution for Small Businesses?

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