There’s More to X-Ray Film Recycling than Shredding

Think you can get away with simple shredding of your old x-ray film? Stop right there. The film is made up of a variety of materials and chemicals that make recycling film records interesting, to say the least. Medical film, in particular, presents several challenges in proper disposal, from patient security to toxin management. If… Read More »

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Why You Should Always Trust the Experts with X-Ray Film Recycling

We’re living and working in an age when the decisions we make have long term and far-reaching effects. X-Ray film disposal and recycling can have severe and complicated side effects if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why it’s so important to work with an expert who understands the complexities of records management. Here’s… Read More »

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The key to decluttering your office…the secure way

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How should you properly dispose of old plastic film?

Plastic film recycling is an important part of many company’s records management plan. But, it must be done in the right way or risk heavy penalties. For industries like healthcare, there are unique challenges around document disposal because of data security. But the amount of x-ray and other film is of real concern to hospitals… Read More »