15 Motivational Quotes to Help You Improve Your Work Week

Making it through the week can be tough. From crowded calendars to project failures, there are some days where it can seem like nothing ever goes right. But the fact of the matter is that so much of your happiness within a role or at a company is entirely dependent on your own mindset. Sometimes… Read More »

Three Reasons People Are Moving to Online Data Storage

There is a lot of information out there about moving to the cloud. It can be confusing to know whether moving to online data storage is the right move for your business. There are security concerns to moving to the cloud unprepared that can have dramatic consequences to your data security. There are technological challenges… Read More »

Debunking Myths: Cloud Storage Is Insecure

If you are considering moving your records management processes to the cloud, the concern around cloud storage security is a real one. You know there are clear benefits in terms of convenience and storage capacity to cloud storage. But trusting the cloud can be a challenge. Businesses from large to small should be concerned with… Read More »

Is Your Office Securely Storing Its Data?

We talk a lot about data security here on the blog. But there’s a reason for that. It’s critical to business success to maintain a high degree of security. Lax security can result in massive data hacks, leaked confidential information, even customer privacy breaches. To make sure your business is putting forth your best effort… Read More »

Is Cloud Storage Just A Fad?

Cloud computing is taking the business world by storm. But you may be wondering whether it’s just another business fad that will fade out as soon as it kicked off? We live and breathe cloud storage, so we’re here to say Cloud storage is the real deal. But all companies need to understand how it… Read More »

How can removing energy drinks improve your daily productivity?

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Why Assured Document Destruction Is Important In the Digital Age

The digital age has brought with it new levels of convenience and productivity but also new levels of risk when it comes to data security. Document destruction in the digital age is as important as ever before.  There is so much more to destroying a document properly than ripping up some paper and throwing it… Read More »

Is online file storage a safe and secure option for businesses?

There are several reasons why businesses trust us with their offsite data management. Storing important data in a secure location provides extra security, ensures compliance, increased organization and easy access to records when and where they are needed. While an inexperienced business owner might hesitate to trust a third-party company with the information and resources… Read More »

When traveling for work, how can you maintain secure data storage?

Traveling for work this spring? If so, cybersecurity should be at the top of your list of concerns. While working from a secure location, or accessing your personal network, you can be more or less confident that your actions online are not being tracked or that you are unwittingly giving criminals access to your files.… Read More »

There’s More to X-Ray Film Recycling than Shredding

Think you can get away with simple shredding of your old x-ray film? Stop right there. The film is made up of a variety of materials and chemicals that make recycling film records interesting, to say the least. Medical film, in particular, presents several challenges in proper disposal, from patient security to toxin management. If… Read More »