The Security Concerns with Self-Hosted Servers for Businesses

There are any number of security concerns businesses need to be aware of when it comes to data storage. Whether you are committed to on-site, off-site, or digital records management, security should always be front and center to your decision making. Self-hosted servers can be a shocking vulnerability for businesses, even those with dedicated IT… Read More »

Is Google Drive a Secure Solution for Small Businesses?

As more companies move their data to the cloud, solutions such as Google Drive seem more and more appealing. But with the increased use of the cloud, it is easy to understand how and why more hacking attempts will take place online. In a way, the cloud can be low hanging fruit for a savvy… Read More »

Three Breathing Exercises to Help You Relax and Stay Calm throughout the Day

Emotional regulation and stress management are extra important in difficult times like these. It can feel overwhelming sometimes to figure out how to get everything done will balancing the demands of working from home or navigating a very difficult economy. But the same strategies that are recommended to manage stress in normal situations are even more important… Read More »

The Importance of Developing Approved Products and Tools Your Team Can Use to Improve Security Measures

Maintaining clear and organized records is an important part of doing business. But there inevitably comes a time when keeping those records becomes unnecessary or even a risk to your business. Disposing of old and unnecessary physical documents can be quite a process if done properly. Your data security depends on establishing reliable processes and… Read More »

Maintaining Data Security When Managing a Remote Workforce

In the era of social distancing, those businesses that are able to leverage the power of a productive remote workforce are the ones who are able to lead the economy into a digital age. But with a remote workforce come unique challenges. How do you maintain data security while managing a remote workforce? Read on to find out.… Read More »

How to properly educate your team on document destruction when everyone is working from home

Hard copy records and files are often the biggest sources of vulnerable PPI that companies need to manage. That’s why document disposal is so critical to data security. But in the new work from home environment, how do you keep up with those proper document destruction processes when everyone is working remotely? Education is key.… Read More »

Your Favorite Music Can Improve Your Productivity

Everyone wants to find new ways to be more productive when every minute seems to count more these days. Whether you’re working from home or trying to find ways to keep your business thriving in a challenging work environment, you might be surprised at what can actually help you tick things off your to-do list.… Read More »

Remaining Vigilant: A look at a few phishing scams present during the COVID-19 pandemic

Phishing scams are experiencing an uptick in popularity as many businesses move quickly into a work from home model. Phishing can sabotage a user’s personal information and lead to multiple problems in safeguarding confidential information. With these scams on the rise as more people turn to the internet for business purposes as well as personal… Read More »

Four Reasons to Hire a Document Destruction Service

The digital age has brought with it new levels of convenience and productivity but also new levels of risk when it comes to data security. Document destruction in the digital age is as important as ever before.  There is so much more to destroying a document properly than ripping up some paper and throwing it… Read More »

5 INFOSEC Best Practices for Onboarding Employees

Information security training for your new hires should be a critical part of their onboarding process. If you’re not careful, you may just be handing the keys to the city to someone you may regret trusting. A big part of that trust should be built on a foundation of education, particularly around data security. Onboarding… Read More »