Leading reasons to use document storage services…instead of leaving those papers around the office

As with anything in business, there are pros and cons to moving to fully off-site data storage. But if you are curious about the trend of cloud data management or even just need some extra space around the office, then you should at least look into how off-site storage might be a solution for your business.  The fact is that your business is already dealing with challenges like these. Issues like lost documents or the cost of housing records (or servers) on site are worth addressing. You are actively risking your data and your peace of mind by not upgrading to an offsite file storage system. Here’s a deep dive into the leading reasons to use document storage services and move your documents out of your space and into the cloud.  

Understanding the Cost of Moving Data Off-Site 

If you are worried about the transition to offsite document management, there are some transition challenges. But unlike moving directly to the cloud, you won’t find yourself scanning thousands of documents. That’s one of the benefits of off-site file management as an in-between solution. It can free up some space quickly, while still providing a high level of access to critical records when you need them. Working with a document management company such as Happy Faces Records Management can greatly reduce the burden of maintaining your hard copy documents. 

The file tracking technologies Happy Faces employs include 2D and 3D barcode file tracking and 24/7 access to customer service through multiple communication channels including phone, email, web, fax, and customized web portal. These services all work seamlessly to provide clients with the convenience and organization they need to stay productive and profitable. 

The Benefits of Moving to Digital 

Obviously, the benefit of digital is in cutting down on the storage space extensive records archives require. It also provides impressive search capabilities and automation opportunities. But as mentioned above, the initial investment is relatively heavy. The question to ask once you are ready to take the plunge is what level of digital file management makes sense for your company. Do you still need the security and control afforded to you in the use of an on-premise server? The benefits of such systems include less space being taken up by file cabinets and archives, and the easy management and searchability of digital files. It’s a nice blend of benefits, without the need to fully invest in cloud storage all at once. 

Both options come with their own pros and cons, benefits and challenges. If you do not already have the infrastructure necessary to store your files on your own server, then the upfront investment may not be worth the cost. Also worth considering is the security of your servers and whether they are protected from hacking, natural disaster, and outright theft. If you’re managing your own servers but are not a digital security expert, you are at greater risk than you’d like to be. 


Get the Security of Offsite Storage, without the Hassle.

With outsourced document and records management, records are out of the way, but easily accessible when you need them. HF Services can deliver physical data within two hours, and electronic data in under ten minutes.

  • Save space by getting seldom-used files out of cabinets and data off of drives
  • Control data by securely storing it offsite and managing it with HF Services
  • Improve compliance by ensuring that all critical data is stored securely and accessibly
  • Secure and retain data as long as you need it
  • Bring order to chaos by streamlining and consolidating your records

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