Is Your Organization Making These 5 Common Security Mistakes?

More and more, we live online and also conduct business in the Cloud. It’s why if you’re not taking strict security measures, you could put your data and your customers at risk. With cyber-attacks on the rise, even for small and medium size companies, how can you keep your organization safe? Start by avoiding these five common mistakes.

Protect Your Organization by Avoiding Security Mistakes


Mistake #1: Opening attachments from unknown sources.


When scams, known as phishing, are sent via text, email, or another messaging service, like WhatsApp, and look legitimate, hackers often search for information or access. One-click can put data in peril. To prevent this, ensure you know the sources for all attachments and links before you click. When in doubt, delete it.


Mistake #2: Re-using weak passwords.


Another leading security mistake involves reusing or not changing passwords from an original, basic one, like 1234. Unfortunately, these are easy for hackers to guess, and if you don’t have two-factor authentication set up, criminals will be in your account and tapping your information in no time.


Mistake #3: Sharing work devices.


In this new age of remote work, many people rely on the same computer or laptop for work and personal use. Worse, they’ll let their kids or spouses borrow them. This can lead to a host of problems – including malware on a work computer and putting customer information at risk.


Mistake #4: Not using security software.


You’re taking chances with your data if you don’t have reputable security software on your computer or work devices. Instead, ensure you install reputable software and run frequent scans for viruses and other threats across all your devices.


Mistake #5: Not auto-setting updates.


Updates to your computer system or software programs often contain security fixes. When these aren’t automatically updated or updated promptly, they make your device and your personal information more vulnerable. Avoid this by simply setting up auto-updates instead, so you can rest easy that your information is secure.


Ready to Update Your Organization’s Security?


If you have weaknesses in your data security, specifically with your records management, Happy Faces Records Management can help. We can securely store or destroy documents and records, stopping the threat of a potential breach and giving you peace of mind. Contact us today to get started.

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