Finding Your Community Through Hobbies

Feeling lonely? Get involved with a hobby and do something that interests you and allows you to meet different people and make new friends.  


There are many benefits to having a hobby. They’ve been proven to reduce stress, boost brain function, and expand and strengthen social connections. At the same time, they can help you learn new skills and broaden your horizons in different ways than when you’re at work or home. 

Find Connection and Happiness with a Hobby


There are many hobbies to consider, depending on your unique interests. These include: 


  • Outdoor hobbies. Whether you like to hike along nature trails, play paintball, or garden, there’s a community group for that. You can even go birdwatching or take an outdoor photography class to connect with others.  


  • Creative hobbies. From writing to woodworking, oil painting, and more, many different hobbies are creative in nature. Think of an area that excites you, then enroll in a class or seminar. Many local school districts and community colleges have classes for adult education in these or other areas.  


  • Active hobbies. If you’re an active person, then a hobby like aerobics or a dance class could be an excellent fit for you. Another option is to join a local running club, group cycling club, or adult sports league, like basketball, baseball, softball, or volleyball.  


  • Intellectual hobbies. This can include anything from learning a language to taking a class in an area that interests you or joining a chess club. This will stimulate your brain in different ways and offer opportunities to meet people interested in the same things as you.  


  • Social hobbies. Like to play cards, read books, or do yoga? Getting involved in these hobbies not only helps you to do something you like but meet new people. You can meet with a group to play cards regularly, join a book club, or take a yoga class and grab coffee with classmates.  


There are a wide range of hobbies to consider and plenty that are low or no cost. You can even consider volunteering for an organization that is near and dear to your heart and spend your free time doing good for others.  


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