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Three Actions to Take When An Employee Quits to Maximize Data Security and Confidentiality

Data security may very well be most at risk when an employee quits and leaves unexpectedly. The risk to confidentiality and overall data containment can be up in the air, particularly if the employee is disgruntled or has ill intentions as they leave. Internal security threats are surprisingly more common than you might think. Disgruntled… Read More »

Cyber Threats are More Than Just a “Large Organization’s Problem”

There are so many different cyber threats today that many businesses are investing serious financial resources into building better protections for their company and their clients. But keep in mind, digital security is not just a must for enterprise markets. Small and medium-sized businesses and organizations are equally at risk. In fact, more than half… Read More »

Studies Show C-Suite Executives Don’t Understand Cyber Threats

The connected and always-on nature of e-commerce makes it very hard for most businesses, corporations, and business owners to imagine the world without the internet. Businesses and consumers alike are extremely dependent on cyberspace in one way or another. The advent of the internet and the innovative ways in which businesses around the world have… Read More »