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How to maintain data security practices with employees starting to travel for summer vacation

Summer is here, and as more parts of the country open up, you can be sure your employees are eager to get out of town and enjoy their opportunity to travel. However, with travel comes a certain degree of risk on the data security front. You know that secure travel should be a top priority. But… Read More »

Protecting Your Company: The best steps you can take this fall 

Data security is a concern for businesses of any size or within any industry. The risk you expose your staff, your clients and your business by not building a secure data environment is real. The coming fall is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your policies around data management, both on the… Read More »

4 Cyber-Security Tools Every Business Needs to Implement Before 2020

Cybersecurity is one of the most rapidly evolving industries today. That’s in part because as businesses do more to keep their data protected, hackers are motivated to find new and improved ways to gain access to that very content. To keep up with the constant development of new threats to your company’s cybersecurity, you need… Read More »

Three Actions to Take When An Employee Quits to Maximize Data Security and Confidentiality

Data security may very well be most at risk when an employee quits and leaves unexpectedly. The risk to confidentiality and overall data containment can be up in the air, particularly if the employee is disgruntled or has ill intentions as they leave. Internal security threats are surprisingly more common than you might think. Disgruntled… Read More »

Is Cloud Storage Right For You?

If you are up on the trends in business, you’ll know that the cloud has taken the world by storm. If you are considering moving your records management processes to the cloud, the concern around security is a real one. You know there are clear benefits in terms of convenience and storage capacity to cloud… Read More »

How Going Paperless Is Easier Than You Think

Going paperless is a great way to increase productivity, accessibility, and smarter decision-making within your company. Moving to the cloud has clear benefits in terms of convenience and storage capacity. The accessibility and functionality of Google Drive is truly hard to compete with. But trusting the cloud can be a challenge. Businesses from large to… Read More »

One Good Deed For the Day; One Big Deed For Earth

Sustainability in the workplace is a growing area of emphasis for businesses around the world. While understanding that there is an ongoing need to focus on the bottom line, there are ways to do this that help create an ecosystem of sustainable business practices that make a real difference in the long term. If you… Read More »

Are Remote Workers A Larger Security Risk?

Data security in the modern age of remote workers can be a challenge. But the demands of a remote workforce simply call for a modern security strategy. Businesses can leverage a broader talent pool and work across time zones if they are connected in a secure and efficient manner.  Tools like VPN are critical, but… Read More »

What to do if your data security access system provides too much access

A big part of maintaining a secure network is limiting access to the data and information contained within. If you give everybody access, you have no security. This is true for internal access as well as external access. A large portion of the data leaks many companies suffer from come from within. Access management and… Read More »

Take a Second Look – Evaluate Your Data Security System

Does your business have the right balance of security and access? It can seem like a tough balance to achieve. Smart businesses know that protecting their data (and that of their clients) can mean the difference between long-term success and tragic demise. So, with that in mind, it might be time to take a second… Read More »