Will AI Lead to Better Security in Your Office or Will it Lead to Increased Challenges?

You might be surprised to hear that the next wave of cybersecurity tools and resources might actually be coming from the realm of artificial intelligence. But it’s true. AI has been making great strides in usefulness and applicability. As cybersecurity concerns grow and businesses remain key targets for hackers and cybercrime, the industry response has needed to change quickly as well.

Cybercriminals are discovering how artificial intelligence systems are capable of automating sophisticated social engineering attacks. But the opposition is seeing opportunities to use AI systems to fight fire with fire. Here are a few good reasons why investing in AI can help boost your cybersecurity, particularly in the energy industry, and why you might want to wait and see whether it’s the right fit for you.

Understanding AI

Your cyber security team could benefit from the inclusion of AI experts simply because we are actively seeing an increase in AI enabled cyber attacks, from network penetrations to personal data thefts and even the epidemic-like spread of smart computer viruses. It’s all but impossible to defend against something you don’t understand. For that reason alone, your cybersecurity team should have AI skills in their toolbox.

Humans Anticipating Robots

The cybersecurity game is one based on anticipation. Currently, human security professionals try to anticipate the next move of their human cyber criminal counterparts. Soon, human security professionals will be tasked with anticipating the next move of their robotic cyber criminal counterparts. AI allows hackers to increase the target surface area. AI hackers of the future are expected to outplay and outmatch the cybersecurity professionals, just as they have done in games such as chess and Jeopardy. This is just one reason why it’s so important for business leaders in the energy industry to understand just what role AI will play in their cybersecurity efforts of the future. The way to do that is to hire security talent with the understanding and the technical skills to bring AI into the security side of the equation.

Managing AI

When it comes to artificial intelligence, many industry leaders have expressed concern about what the response should be. It’s clear that the criminals of the world are not afraid of the consequences that incorporating greater amounts of artificial intelligence into their medium would result in. AI in its various forms is already influencing the next generation of phishing methods through image recognition and even computer generated intuition. It’s clear that to keep up, the white hats of the world need to fight back with the powers AI can bring to the table. But we must ask, how can people manage the AI through this learning stage and beyond?

The answer is training. Continued learning and exploration. In the nuclear energy industry, power plants must take cybersecurity to be a top priority, and that means hiring the professionals with the latest and greatest skills and technologies to do the job.  For more information on whether AI security is the right fit for you, connect with the experts at Happy Faces Records Management today.

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