Looking to 2019: What Can We Expect from Big Data in the New Year?

Big data means big business so if you are not on to the trend of the times, you are missing out. Here’s what the future brings for those of you looking to bring big data into your business processes in 2019.

What Is Big Data?

The term big data is used to refer to the management and analysis of vast amounts of information on everything from power production to usage rates. Within a business context, big data has been making an impact for a number of years based on the regular processing of trends and information produced on a minute by minute basis.  This data cannot be analyzed and understood with the simple standard database software programs, but rather requires more innovative techniques. Utilities are known to use supervisory control and data acquisition systems (known as SCADA systems). The field of big data is constantly changing, and new ways to look at the information and put it to good use are constantly coming into play.

The Value of Big Data

Big data can be used for many things but the advantages of data-driven decision making are numerous. Here are a few of the benefits of big data that will make the investment worthwhile for companies like yours.

Quickly Recognize Errors

When errors occur, they are best mitigated when the error is quickly identified. Real-Time data helps with that tremendously. The ability to recognize and quickly remedy the situation can help prevent additional and more severe failures from occurring. In the long term, this does wonders for the overall productivity of an organization, but it also has a lasting impact on a business’ reputation and even customer satisfaction.

Save Money

The return on investment of real-time big data is considerable, despite high implementation costs. Those who are able to make the conversion can expect near immediate, high-value data analysis, and substantial cost savings in the long term.

Detect Fraud

Digital security is a concern with connected devices, but fast-data has been shown to be well worth the exposure. In fact, it can also be a big helper in identifying risks as they occur. Real-time fraud detection is one clear benefit of this level of data analytics. Security managers can be quickly and easily notified of fraud occurring across systems or servers, allowing them to take measures in real time, as soon as the fraud is detected.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Competition scares many people in the market today. But real-time competitive data can assist in providing a detailed picture of competitors, such as launching a new product, lowering or increasing prices for a particular duration or focusing on users from a specific location.

Understand Patterns

Sales insights are vital for knowing where your sales stand. Real-time data around your sales can change the trajectory of your business. These insights could lead to additional revenue, real-time customer feedback, optimization opportunities, and trends. This information can improve long-term decision-making and provide actionable data to drive your business forward.

For a closer look into what big data can mean for your company this coming year, connect with the experts at Happy Faces Records Management today.

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