Learning from 2018: A Look at Our Best Data Security Articles to Prepare You for 2019

2018 has been a big year for data security. More people are learning the importance of heightened digital security than ever before, but there is still much to learn as trends change and hackers learn new tricks. The past year we’ve focused on sharing our best data security content to help keep you and your business on top of the curve. Here’s a look back at our four top performing articles from 2018.

Understanding Cyber Security Among Employees | Accessing Personal Email in the Office

There’s a reason corporations have unique email servers for their employees, and that reason is security. You might be surprised to hear it, but common personal email accounts are regularly breached. Using personal email for work is a bad idea for those reasons, but did you know that it’s also high risk to access personal email while on the corporate network? This article reviews the top lessons you should learn to make sure you and your employees are better protected on the job.

How Can Your Team Maximize Browsing Security?

Digital security is all about making good decisions online. The risk of browsing can actually be much more than what you might expect. If your team is unprotected online, your entire company and the digital network can be made vulnerable. This article covers several things you and your team can do to protect your data and your business, including avoiding unsecured hotspots, using stronger passwords, avoiding repeat use of passwords, and restricting unsecured access to the network.

Why You Shouldn’t Think Twice About Storing Important Data Offsite

There are several reasons why businesses trust us with their offsite data management. Storing important data in a secure location provides extra security, ensures compliance, increased organization and easy access to records when and where they are needed. While an inexperienced business owner might hesitate to trust a third-party company with the information and resources that are critical to their long-term success, the savvy businesses know that offsite records management is the only way to go. In this article, we discuss the key reasons why you may find real value in offsite storage of your most important documents.

Protecting Deleted Data: Once You Click Delete, What Should Your Company Do With Sensitive Data?

Sensitive data comes in many shapes and sizes in the corporate realm. But what you do to dispose of it can vary pretty dramatically. While it might seem like deleting a file is the end of the road, when it comes to sensitive data, you might want to think again. This blog answers the question, what are the key steps you should take to disposing of your electronic files that must not be accessed by a non-approved party? Read on to find out.

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