How to Find Out if You Are Involved in a Data Breach

Data breaches are on the rise and are often caused by simple mistakes with compromised credentials. From easy-to-guess account usernames to weak passwords, hackers gain entry and access data.  

And the damage is big. According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach in 2021 for US companies was $4.24 million. When it comes to an individual data breach, the damage is far more personal, from the loss of privacy to the loss of savings and more.  

How to Tell if Your Data Has Been Hacked 

Usually, you will be notified by a service provider. They will explain that your data and personal information has been compromised and what you can do to protect it.  

Unfortunately, it might be weeks or even months from when the hack happened to when you are notified. It’s therefore important to stay updated and informed about any large data breaches that occur with companies you do business with. 

Also, don’t assume that’s the only breach. Use a tool, like the “Have I Been Pwned” website, to find out how extensive the damage is. This enables you to search for other breaches using your phone number or your email address.  

If you enter your information and get a green screen, that means your information has been leaked. You’ll then get details about which breaches impact your information.  

How to Protect Your Personal Data  

There are many tools you can tap to protect your data. One is a password manager. This will help you easily maintain and organize your logins credentials, so you’re not tempted to use the same ones across sites and can more change them frequently. These also offer breach monitoring to notify you when there has been an issue.  

Wherever you can, also be sure to enable two-factor authentication. This is just another layer of protection that makes it harder for hackers to access your information.  

Another tip? Invest in a credit monitoring service too. More and more these companies are integrating data breach monitoring into their services since victims are financially impacted.   

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