Five Ways to Feel Like You’re Doing Enough

Do you ever say to yourself, “I’m not doing enough?” You see your spouse or best friend operating on little sleep, hitting the gym every day, staying on top of their workload, and remaining cheerful and happy throughout it all. This can definitely make you wonder. The good news? You have permission to go easy on yourself.  

There is so much to do every day and every week that there is no doubt, you ARE doing enough. It’s easy to criticize yourself when you see others who seem to be able to do more. However, comparing yourself won’t allow you to take on more and it will just make you feel worse. In fact, those who engage in self-criticism are more prone to depression. 

So how can you get to the mental state of mind where you feel like you are doing enough? Here are five strategies to help you. 

  1. Create a “completed” list.

You’re no doubt familiar with to-do lists. However, consider creating a “done” list instead. This will serve as a reminder for all you’ve accomplished on any given day. 

No action or job is too small. Once you see your list, you might realize not only just how much you’ve completed, but also the impact you’re having on others.  

For instance, making lunch for your child or texting a friend are acts of love and kindness that ripple throughout society. They are no small things. 

  1. Make yourself move.

If you’re not feeling motivated to get much done, take one small step – and another and another. The act of just getting started and jumping right in will help you to get motivated. It sounds counterintuitive, but you don’t have to wait to feel motivated to begin an activity. You can start the activity and the motivation will come.   

  1. Be mindful of the moment.

It’s easy to feel like you’re not getting much done if your mind is always on the next event, the next task, and the next activity. Put a stop to this forward-thinking mindset and live in the moment, being mindful of what you are accomplishing – right now. 

  1. Accept it’s ok not to be busy all the time.

Our culture has a go-go-go mentality. However, after a while, this just isn’t healthy. What’s more is that when you actually are relaxing and taking a break, it can make you feel guilty and like you should be doing more. Keep in mind: it’s ok – and also good and healthy – not to be busy and scheduled every moment of every day. You need time to just be without actually doing.  


  1. Chunk your tasks.

If you have a task that is so monumental it feels impossible – and you feel like a procrastinator – chunk it. Break it down into small, bite-size chunks that are actually doable and reasonable. Little by little, you can reach your ultimate goal and stay motivated every step of the way.  

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