The Skills You Need to Be a Successful Manager

One of the best ways to get ahead in your career is to have a large, positive impact on the business you are working for. There are a number of ways to influence others and have an impact. But the role of manager is one of the best. Being a manager is an exciting opportunity to make a difference for the team you lead and for the business as a whole. In this article, we explore what makes a successful manager.  

If you have been working in a line of business for a while, it’s likely you’ve had first-hand experience with both good and bad managers. As such you know, a successful manager takes certain skills to lead a team effectively. And it’s not always about being the best worker, or even the best delegator. A great manager is one who is able to lead a team with vision, motivation, direction, and empathy. Here are some of the most important skills that you need to have to be a successful manager.  

Enable Individuals to Do Their Best Work 

It is important to differentiate between the role of a manager from the rest of the team members in a group. Managers are responsible for leading a group of very smart and competent individuals to accomplish more than the sum of the team’s individual contributions. As a manager, you are responsible for understanding and communicating business goals. The team often looks up to you to translate the business goals to their day-to-day tasks, and perhaps even to provide technical guidance to the group. But the best managers know how to give the right work to the right people, and then enabling them to do their best work.  

Provide Vision and Motivation 

A successful manager is not just an administrator. He or she is a leader who innovates and pushes boundaries to help the team grow and succeed. Great managers have a long-term vision aligned with clear business goals. As a leader, the focus should not be limited to system and organizational structures but instead focus on individuals on the team in a way that inspires trust and confidence. While the engineer manager is not necessarily the strongest technical individual on the team, he or she needs to have strong understanding of the work, as well as the ability to discuss ideas with others on the team, mentor others, and be the face for the business groups in discussions with partners, customers, and other stakeholders. The best managers lead through their communication skills and their sense of vision for their team.  

Act to Respond to a Changing Industry 

The ability to adapt to changing situations is a critical skill of a great manager. That skill is key for businesses to succeed in a dramatically transforming landscape. Technology is rapidly changing the way business is done and the demands of a project can completely change with little headway. The ability to think on your feet and maintain a calm and professional demeanor as a manager is critical. Your team is looking directly to you to understand how they should respond to these situations. Respond strategically when possible. Always keep the big picture in mind when you are asked to change directions. This is a key skill of the true leaders in the industry. Your flexibility is what will help you navigate uncharted waters and keep your team on board through it all. 

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