Team Builders to Do With Your Team in the Colder Months

How do you help your teams feel connected and productive in the colder months of the year? Team builders do a great job at building rapport and strengthening that feeling of community within your teams. Whether your team is remote or in person this holiday season, here are a few ideas of impactful team-building activities that make sense during the winter season.  

Virtual Holiday Party 

A holiday party is a tried and true team builder, even when lockdowns made in-person get-togethers difficult. A virtual holiday party could include a set of games or challenges designed to get everyone laughing and connecting. It’s a great activity to plan in the wintertime when everyone is in a celebratory mood. Virtual parties can include entertainment and music, face time with rarely-seen colleagues, and even just a chance to hear some good wishes and congratulations on a year of hard work. Encourage teams to dress up for the event, even if they’re not meeting in person. It helps get everyone in the holiday spirit and encourages a sense of fun across the event.  

Mafia Christmas: Grinch vs. Whoville 

If you’re familiar with the game of mafia, this Christmas version is a fun spin on a classic. It’s a great game to play virtually, where team members (members of Whoville) must resist the Grinch’s efforts to turn everyone into a villain. Members of Whoville must uncover and stop every Grinch in disguise by calling out their bluff. Not only is this game fun for everyone, but it also helps build rapport among teams and connections across functions.  


Another fun winter team builder is something a lot of people enjoy doing in their spare time, baking! Not only do employees connect over new recipes and chances to get together to eat something sweet, but working together as a team in a different environment than most people are used to can help build new connections and make some fun memories.  

Watercolor Holiday Cards 

Making holiday cards is a great way to learn some new skills and discover some creative outlets the team can really enjoy. Plus, there’s nothing better than sending and receiving holiday cards from team members that will remind everyone of their special memories from the team-building event. Attending a workshop that is so far removed from the day-to-day work is fun and relaxing for the team. It’s a great, low-key holiday activity that the whole team can enjoy.  

Volunteering in the Community 

For a really meaningful team builder, nothing beats getting out in the community and putting your team to work helping people. The ultimate objective is to boost morale and have fun, but there are few things as rewarding as helping out in the community. Whether it’s serving food to the homeless or working with youth and inspiring the next generation, there are so many ways for your team and your company to make a difference.  

Winter Themed Scavenger Hunt 

For some outdoor team-building fun, take your group for a winter-themed scavenger hunt. The excitement of competition and the fun of working collaboratively with your team can mean great memories at this team-building event. Creating a list of scavenger hunt items is easy and cost-effective for companies looking to create an enjoyable event without breaking the bank. Rewards for the winning teams can be a variety of prizes, from bragging rights in the office to gift cards or other enjoyable holiday gifts. But the memories your team will make working together to gather their items will last for much longer.  

Classic Cocktail Workshop 

Learning the skills associated with crafting classic cocktails is not only fun but handy outside of work too. Hosting a mixologist who can help the team craft a special beverage or two that will be forever known as the team’s custom drink. This is a great team-building activity that lets the team relax, unwind, and learn a new skill at the same time. 

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