How to Better Manage Your Remote Workforce to Track Their Success Metrics

Data security in the modern age of remote workers can be a challenge. But the demands of a remote workforce simply call for a modern security strategy. Businesses can leverage a broader talent pool. They can also work across time zones if they are connected in a secure and efficient manner.  VPN is the best tool for the job. Here are a few ways that using VPN can keep your team connected and effective while maximizing data security.  

Broadening the Talent Pool 

Businesses have been counting on freelancers and contract support for as long as businesses have been run. But if you are based in a remote or rural area, chances are that finding the best employees (full time or freelance) with just the right skill set may be more of a challenge than you are able to conquer. Even urban-based companies can have difficulty finding just the right employee at the price they are willing to pay. That’s why working with a remote staff can be so effective. Making sure they have access to the right information and resources via your internal network does pose a security risk. But with VPN, data security is protected while your workforce can stay in touch just like any other employee.  

Increasing Productivity 

One of the reasons that many businesses have made the switch to remote workers is because there is a marked increase in productivity of remote hires. For those professionals able to set their own schedule, work from their own preferred locations, the time that is spent getting the job done is more focused and productive. There are fewer distractions and workers remain more engaged. Having a team working in a different time zone can help your business stay productive on a 24 hour shift. But if those remote workers don’t have access to the network, they might very well struggle to do their best when their resources are restricted. Also, you risk valuable data loss or vulnerability to hacking by relying on a remote team.  

Again, VPN is the answer. It provides secure access to the internal network that remote employees need to be productive day in and day out. It furthermore limits risk by ensuring a secure connection while giving your remote workers access to the resources they need.  

Saving Money  

There are obvious cost savings to hiring remote workers as well. Not having to provide access to work space, or pay for expensive phone lines and internet, or furniture is key. Furthermore, according to a recent study organized by Stanford Business School, employees who work from home often outperform their office-based peers. This is due to them taking shorter breaks, using less sick leave, and generally low turnover rates. The same study also noted that remote workers are more likely to log longer hours and interact more with their office counterparts. This is likely due to the need to proactively reach out and connect with coworkers and supervisors directly rather than counting on a chance meeting at the water cooler.  Savings in terms of operational costs as well as increased productivity both pave the way for clear value in businesses supporting their remote staff with VPN access.  

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