Why You Shouldn’t Think Twice About Storing Important Data Offsite

There are several reasons why businesses trust us with their offsite data management. Storing important data in a secure location provides extra security, ensures compliance, increased organization and easy access to records when and where they are needed. While an inexperienced business owner might hesitate to trust a third-party company with the information and resources that are critical to their long-term success, the savvy businesses know that offsite records management is the only way to go. In this article, we discuss the key reasons why you may find real value in an offsite storage of your most important documents.


One of the biggest concerns business owners have is maintaining their files in a safe and secure manner. Onsite record storage can leave a company vulnerable to internal security hazards, such as damage, disorganization, and even corporate espionage. Happy Faces Records Management excels at protecting your records through the use of a sophisticated file storage system featuring 2d and 3d barcode tracking, climate-controlled facilities, monitored and zoned fire protection, 24-hour video surveillance, intrusion detection systems, controlled access, and visitor identification verification.

An offsite records management company helps to protect your company in case of emergency and helps protect against misuse of sensitive employee information. Our unique security features are designed to provide your company with the utmost in record security and ensure that your most important documents are safe and accessible.


Many companies also need to store certain documentation off site in response to compliance or legal requirements. Various federal and state regulations, in fact, mandate the proper protection and destruction of sensitive data that may reside in your records. Furthermore, disorganized document management can lead to legal penalties, audit requests, and fines. By outsourcing the management of your records to a qualified records management company, you can rest assured that your vital information and files are protected and in compliance with the necessary regulations.

Easy Access

By outsourcing your document and records management, important information is safe and out of the way, but still easily accessible. In fact, Happy Faces can deliver hard copies within two hours of a request, and electronic data in less than ten minutes. Our unique barcode technologies help us pinpoint your exact document quickly and efficiently, which is often more than can be said for most on-site filing systems. Additionally, Happy Faces offers a mobile app for iOS, Windows and Android devices which provides our customers with secure access to your data at the press of a button.

Improved Organization

Keeping records neat and organized is another reason that businesses come to rely on Happy Faces Records Management services. Hard copies take up a lot of space in an office environment. Modern, communal-style office infrastructure often leaves little to no room for clunky file cabinets or shelving. Offsite storage keeps your records at your fingertips, but not under your feet. This saves our customers time by making documents available at a moment’s notice while also saving them money by reducing costly office space needed for on-site document storage.

For more tips on protecting your data onsite or offsite, call the document management experts at Happy Faces Records Management today.

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