What technology can be deployed to counter big data security threats?

Data security is a serious business.

Cybercriminals are constantly developing new hacking technologies and to keep up with the wave of attacks, you need to make sure you have the tools you need to counter these big data security threats. Whether you are an enterprise-level organization, a government, or a small business, you must be prepared to protect your data or risk catastrophe. Here are a few tips that need to be part of your cybersecurity strategy this year.

Modern Security Software

As it turned out, we have recently seen just how important it is to regularly update your digital security software. The ransomware attack this past month was found to be such a disaster for so many organizations because they had failed to keep their security patches up to date. There are clear and intrinsic vulnerabilities to using old programs and by failing to stay current in your security efforts you are leaving your data all but exposed. Make sure that any digital security strategy you have in place includes the regular updating of software programs and even hardware as needed.

Multifactor Identity Authentication

Requiring users to provide multiple forms of identity verification (such as a password and mobile device request, for example) will provide better protection at all levels of access. This form of identity authentication will help add that extra layer of security that can make your data not worth the effort of stealing. Remember that hackers are often looking for the path of least resistance, and this can be all it takes to deter a potential attack.

Password Protection

Poor password strategy has been the cause of several notable data breaches in the recent past. Make sure that you and your employees are using the type of passwords that are easy to remember, but difficult for hackers or computers to guess. Additionally, don’t allow the use of the same password across personal and professional accounts. While it might be difficult to enforce this, education is your best defense against disinterest that may result. Show your employees exactly what is at stake to make sure they understand the importance of strong password protocol.

Cloud Storage

Sometimes, even the most vigilant and security aware companies can fall prey to the far-reaching impacts of a data breach. Hackers are smart, and they are getting smarter every day. To mitigate the damage of a data breach, the last line of defense is the most important: back up your critical data. Whether you have a disconnected archive or store your information in the cloud, having a back-up will be your only recourse to move forward as a business if your files are lost or held hostage by a cyber-criminal.

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