Bad Habits that Hold Back Your Happiness

The habits you have can have a big impact on your overall health, well-being, and, ultimately, your happiness. The trouble is, once a habit is formed, it’s tough to break. So if you have bad habits that are holding you back from happiness, how do you get rid of them? Here are a few common ones and how to break them.  


Habits that are Holding You Back


Being ungrateful. 


If you’re a constant complainer and endlessly see the worst in everything, then it’s no wonder you’re unhappy. Of course, it’s okay to be upset when you have challenges. However, don’t wallow in the hard stuff. Instead, find the silver lining and choose to be grateful. 


Being too critical of yourself. 


Being honest with yourself is one thing while being overly harsh or critical is quite another. If you say things to yourself like “I’m stupid,” “I’m fat,” or “I’m never going to get promoted,” then it’s hard to change your situation for the better. Instead, treat yourself with care and kindness, and you’ll feel happier and make others happier, too.  


Being a workaholic. 


Life is short, and you don’t want a lot of regrets at the end of yours. However, if you spend most of your time at work and not enough time with family and friends or doing things you love, you will eventually regret it. Along the way, you’ll also be unhappy due to burnout and dysfunctional relationships. Avoid working in excess and, instead, aim for balance.  


Being risk-averse. 

Sometimes, you have to take a risk to achieve great things in life. It might work out, and it might not. That’s why it’s a risk. But don’t let the fear of failure keep you from achieving your goals and doing great things. Otherwise, it will impact your happiness and overall satisfaction with life.  


Being a pushover. 

Do you always say “yes,” when you mean “no” sometimes? Then you’re a pushover without boundaries. This is a problem because it can lead to stress, burnout, anger, and resentment. Start practicing now how to say “no,” and you’ll be much happier down the line.  


Being unhealthy. 


If you chronically don’t get enough sleep, eat junk food, drink coffee and soda, and live a sedentary life, you probably feel crumby. This will impact your physical and mental well-being, along with your happiness. Start taking small steps now, even tiny ones, toward something better. 


Find Happiness by Breaking your Bad Habits


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