The Best Business Podcasts of 2022

Listening to podcasts is a great way to stay on top of the latest market trends and industry projections to help you stay relevant on the job. And given that so much is being asked of you as a business leader, chances are that you don’t have a ton of time to waste on attending lengthy webinars or reading glossy industry magazines. Podcasts are perfect for multitasking

Since so many of them are quickly produced (and smartly focus on the most important news or information of their niche), you can get the information you need quickly, mostly free of cost, and also consumed while you multitask. Looking for ways to make your commute less of a waste of time? Want to find something to do while you’re doing the dishes? Want to exercise your brain while you’re at the gym? Podcasts are an easy answer to all of the above.  

Here are some of the best business podcasts of the year to get you started.  

The BizChix 

For ladies who are also the boss of their own business, this podcast will hit the spot. The conversations and advice shared by the host Natalie Eckdahl will really speak to the challenges and rewards of being a female entrepreneur. Natalie is an expert in navigating the expectations of a balanced life as a working mom, and also maximizing efficiency on the job. She helps individuals craft a growth mindset that will help them and their businesses flourish. 

Brown Ambition 

This podcast is targeted at minority businessmen and women. It’s available across multiple platforms and does a great job of engaging with the audience for hyper-relevant content. Hosted by two financial reporters who are also people of color, Brown Ambition is a weekly podcast specialized in helping individuals build financial freedom, balance life and career, and take charge of your work. The hosts bring a tone that is the perfect balance of authentic and relevant to their audience’s experiences.  

The Mind Your Business Podcast 

With meaty episodes and really motivational topics, this podcast is great for the business mindset. The host, James Wedmore coaches listeners on how to put yourself out there and to be consistent even when times get tough. The life of a business owner is mentally grueling, and the Mind Your Business Podcast takes a hard look at how your mindset drives your success. Focused on ways to help entrepreneurs rethink their approach, Wedmore offers motivation and advice to keep your business and yourself growing and thriving.  

Entrepreneurs On Fire 

Noted as one of the best interview-based podcasts for small businesses, Entrepreneurs On Fire is an inspirational listen. The host John Lee Dumas interviews successful business people and delivers engaging content formatted to give listeners something to act on each and every episode. And with more than 3,000 episodes in the archives, Dumas gives listeners more content than they can ever hope to listen to.  

But that’s hardly even scratching the surface of the podcast realm. For whatever niche you are interested in, there’s surely a business podcast custom-made for your market. Start with some of these great options and keep listening to stay inspired and stay relevant. And for all your records management needs, connect with the team at Happy Faces Records Management today.  

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