Should your office elect a “data security” champion to lead security initiatives?

Data security should be a priority for all your employees. But assigning a Data Security Team Leader is a great way to make sure that critical considerations don’t get lost in the mix of everyday business. Here are some of the key benefits to assigning a “data security champion” to help your team lead security initiatives effectively.  

Educate Your Team on High Priority Security Initiatives 

A key job of a data security champion is the education that such a team lead can provide. Knowing what is a priority and what the latest tools are to help the broader team achieve those goals is something that a team lead can greatly help facilitate and own the process for. Training new workers on the importance of VPN is a great way to deliver value.  

Recognizing that everyone learns slightly differently, a data security lead can integrate this critical perspective in to the day to day as well as a more security focused onboarding process.  The goal of a security focused onboarding process is to provide relevant information to new hires. Incorporating this education into onboarding is a great way to enable new hires. It also helps emphasize the importance of the key elements of your security procedures. 

Help Make the Shift to Secure Document Disposal 

Workers inevitably create hard copy documents and records that can be a risk if they are not disposed of properly. To protect your business even when working with remote workers, make sure that such document are shredded (both horizontally and vertically so that reassembly is next to impossible), incinerated, or pulped so that no information is available to unauthorized viewers. Having a data security team lead can help identify opportunities to improve document management processes to increase data security.  

Enable Teams to Manage Risk Via Document Management

They can help shift the narrative around management of hard copy and digital files. Simply deleting files is not enough. Until that space has been written over, the possibility of recovering data still exists. Similar to shredding important paper documents, one way to ensure that your personal information is not easily accessed is by “shredding” of the individual files on the hard drive. There are a variety of software programs which can shred files. But it can be confusing to know which one is right for you. Assigning that work to one data security lead will help your team find the right solution for your whole team. 

While it can be difficult to make sure that mobile employees are following the rules one hundred percent of the time, training them and providing them with the tools they need to be as secure and safe as possible is a clear win for your business. To make it a priority for everyone, make sure you highlight the importance of information security for your workforce. And provide them with the leadership and expertise needed to execute on these high priority goals.  

With these tips as your cornerstone, you can build a strong foundation that will help prevent data breaches. Connect with the team at Happy Faces Records Management today to learn how we can help. 

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