Your Favorite Music Can Improve Your Productivity

Everyone wants to find new ways to be more productive when every minute seems to count more these days. Whether you’re working from home or trying to find ways to keep your business thriving in a challenging work environment, you might be surprised at what can actually help you tick things off your to-do list. That’s music!  

Now, not all music can help you get more accomplished. Some music might actually be distracting and could slow you down. The trick is to know what will help you move faster. Here’s a quick look at how to improve your productivity with music.  

Benefits of Listening to Music 

Studies have shown that music favored by the listener can temporarily improve mood as well as elevate cognitive performance. That means that listening to music you like can literally make you happier and smarter. That’s the perfect recipe for increased productivity. For those who are positively influenced by music, it can help them focus, get more done, and feel motivated.  

Understanding the Mozart Effect 

For a long time, there was a prevalent theory called the Mozart effect, which assumed that people became smarter as they listened to classical music by Mozart. This has since been proven false, but it turned out that doing so did boost spatial-temporal reasoning, if temporarily. Spatial-temporal reasoning is the transformation and relation of mental images in space and time. For example, you would use this reasoning if you were playing chess and needed to think ahead several moves. It is crucial to how we think, reason, and create. But not necessarily to productivity if you are not working in a field or role that requires high levels of spatial-temporal reasoning.  

The Impacts of Different Music Types 

Experts have a variety of opinions on which genre of music tends to increase productivity the most. But the common thread is that the best genre for productivity music really depends on what type of music you as an individual enjoy. The genre that increases your happiness without increasing distraction is what will lead to increased productivity. The best approach is to choose music that you really enjoy but maybe have heard so often that you don’t need to focus on the lyrics or the beat. This creates background noise that naturally increases dopamine, but which doesn’t direct your attention away from your work.  

This calls into mind that everyone is truly different, and what makes one person more productive may not have the same impact on someone else. There is no one size fits all practice to help someone get more work done faster. But by knowing what music makes you happy and helps you get in “the zone”, you’ll be able to increase your productivity in a potentially meaningful way simply by turning on the radio.  

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