When to know if it’s time to trust your data security systems to an outside party

Data security is on everyone’s minds these days. Do you know who has access to your business-critical records? You certainly should. But many businesses simply don’t have the time, the resources, or the industry knowledge to stay on top of the ins and outs of their data security system. While that’s a perfectly excusable concern,… Read More »

Monthly Ways to Help Your Team Build Strong Security Habits to Protect Their Documents

Digital security isn’t something you invest in once and forget about. It requires constant vigilance, ongoing education, and habitual actions to keep your records and devices safe and secure. A great way to make security a part of your everyday processes is to create monthly habits that help keep security top of mind. Here are… Read More »

Take a Second Look – Evaluate Your Data Security System

Does your business have the right balance of security and access? It can seem like a tough balance to achieve. Smart businesses know that protecting their data (and that of their clients) can mean the difference between long-term success and tragic demise. So, with that in mind, it might be time to take a second… Read More »

How Thorough is Your Current Process for Film Recycling?

Film recycling is a strange beast. The material contains a wide variety of chemicals and toxins that are regulated by local environmental agencies as well as the issues at risk around client data and privacy. If you aren’t confident that you are protecting yourself and your company in how you are recycling your film records,… Read More »

Go Above and Beyond with your Company’s Data Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

The companies with solid data security are the ones lined up for success in the modern age. Those who can make use of their data and protect it from hackers at the same time are the ones who will be most likely to have a positive impact is under threat in a big way. Whether… Read More »

Take Your Data on the Go With Secure Mobile Applications

Data security is a different environment today with the widespread use of mobile applications. More businesses are allowing employees to access secure documentation on the go, but this introduces some unique challenges when it comes to security. While the answer for some businesses is to restrict mobile device use, non-business applications, and more complex security… Read More »

Don’t Fool Around, Make Sure to Destroy Your Secure Documents

April Fool’s Day doesn’t need to leave you feeling the fool. Make sure you are doing your due diligence and making sure that your secure documents are destroyed properly. Whether it’s medical film, client data, human resources documentation, or other critical documentation, you need to make sure that you are following the right standards of… Read More »

If you manage a billing department, consider these data security precautions

Data breaches are a very real and present threat for billing departments. Particularly in high impact industries such as healthcare, billing departments see hundreds of thousands of patient credit cards, insurance information, and more come across their desks and inboxes. Protecting that data is critical to the success of your business and the reputation of… Read More »

Ready for some spring cleaning? Recycle old documents and files properly by following these tips

As the warm weather comes to your part of the region, the urge to clean out old documents and re-organize your filing cabinets can come on strong. It’s a good thing, and helps companies create a fresh start and clear out the clutter. But not every document can be thrown in the trash. Recycling files… Read More »

Data Security Starts With Education: Free resources to share with your team to improve their knowledge

When it comes to data security, knowledge is power. But without the most up to date information or training opportunities, you and your employees might be at a distinct disadvantage. Hackers and cyber criminals are always learning and creating new ways to gain access to data that is not theirs to access. Therefore, it’s critical… Read More »