Are your employees your biggest data security threat?

Businesses face security threats from almost all angles these days, with some high profile hacks costing companies like Target and LinkedIn millions of dollars. That’s more or less the risk we’re all dealing with when handling sensitive data, whether stored in outdated filing systems or unsecured cloud storage. There are all too many points of… Read More »

Ready to go digital? When evaluating data scanning services, make sure you ask THESE questions

File storage can get expensive, especially for businesses who are working in a space-limited office environment. Finding the best place and organizational system that meets your needs can be a challenge. Are you finding yourself in a situation where the rows of filing cabinets are no longer useful to your business? It might be time… Read More »

The leading reasons to trust document storage to the experts

Businesses can succeed or fail depending on the quality of their records management system. It can be a costly and time-intensive activity, and most companies only consider their records management system as an afterthought or as a problem which needs to be solved. Get ahead of the curve and make the commitment to work with… Read More »

Looking at the Basics: How Long Should You Maintain Your Records for?

A question we often hear from our customers is how long they need to store important documents and information for. The answer varies based on the type of records in question, but the overall consensus is that the longer you maintain your important documents, the more secure you are. Today’s article covers the basic requirements… Read More »

A New Year Means New Threats to Data Security

The past year has been an eventful one in the world of data security, and 2018 promises to be another one for the records. To protect your organization, you need to make data security a top priority. That involves maximizing your resources, getting strategic with your digital security, and knowing where your vulnerabilities lie. Here… Read More »

A Look Back at the Top 3 Blog Articles from 2017

2017 has been a whirlwind of a year here at Happy Faces Records Management. We’ve seen some amazing things happen in the world, and we have invested fully in our clients and their ongoing business success. We know it’s a challenging time to grow your business in this era of digital transformation and encroaching vulnerabilities.… Read More »

Cyber Threats are More Than Just a “Large Organization’s Problem”

There are so many different cyber threats today that many businesses are investing serious financial resources into building better protections for their company and their clients. But keep in mind, digital security is not just a must for enterprise markets. Small and medium-sized businesses and organizations are equally at risk. In fact, more than half… Read More »

Simple Ways to Protect Your Data…That You’re Probably Overlooking

Data leakage is very real and surprisingly common form of security breach. The scary thing is that many businesses don’t even notice it happening right under their noses. Often, hackers use high-level technical skills and technology to get in under the radar, but sometimes the data loss comes from simple user error. It turns out… Read More »

Outdated Malware Threats that are Still Impacting Businesses

It can be surprising sometimes how even old bugs can cause havoc on your network. There are several malware threats that are still damaging businesses and leaking data on a widespread scale today. While it’s important to stay current in your security updates, and work to anticipate the new hacks that cybercriminals will attempt in… Read More »