Outdated Malware Threats that are Still Impacting Businesses

It can be surprising sometimes how even old bugs can cause havoc on your network. There are several malware threats that are still damaging businesses and leaking data on a widespread scale today. While it’s important to stay current in your security updates, and work to anticipate the new hacks that cybercriminals will attempt in… Read More »

Truth Is…Your Team Doesn’t Fully Understand Cyber Security. How Can You Improve That?

It’s become clear over the past several years that cyber-crime is on the rise. Equally, we’ve seen just how vulnerable corporations can be to data breaches due to simple user error or non-compliance with security protocol. The fact of the matter is, your team probably could use a little extra training and support to learn… Read More »

Are Dating Apps Putting Your Business at a Security Risk?

There are some surprising trends in digital security today. The most important one is recognizing the growing vulnerability of businesses in a digital era. The opportunities for cybercrime are plenty, and you never really know where the next breach will come from. But there are certain things that businesses can do to reduce their risk… Read More »

Malicious Email Attacks Climb 85% in Q3 – Is Your Organization Remaining Safe Online?

Staying secure online is a greater challenge today than ever before. Email is a common pain point for businesses because it’s a surprisingly easy target. Your employees get hundreds of emails every day, and if they are not vigilant in their security practices, your company can become the victim of one of the thousands of… Read More »

Protecting Your Company Amid a Rise in Destructive Malware and Targeted Cyberattacks

2017 has seen a heightened cultural experience of data security awareness. But that awareness has come at a cost, increased cyberattacks. If we’ve learned anything from the past year of high profile data breaches and frightening reports of malware attacks it’s these three things: Destructive malware disguised as ransomware, like WannaCry and ExPetr, will likely… Read More »

What Harm Can Putting a Document in a Recycling Bin Really Cause?

The answer to that question is quite a lot actually. As digital security becomes more of a concern, don’t forget that hard copy documents can also be a source of critically damaging data leakage. Human error is the top cause of data loss. And unless your employees know the best practices for recycling, storing, and… Read More »

Using a Password Manager? Read this Before Storing All Passwords in One Place

Passwords are still the number one vulnerability when it comes to data security. Whether they’re too short, too easy to guess, or too commonly used, once a hacker has access to one password on your network, your entire organization is at risk. An interesting option that’s come on the scene in the last several years… Read More »

Everyday Work Habits that Put Your Data and Records at Risk

There are so many ways hackers can gain access to your data these days, but as awareness grows most employers are getting smarter about keeping their risk to a minimum. Despite their best efforts, there are still several common work habits that still put data and records at risk. Here are 3 bad habits that… Read More »

Choosing a Film Recycling Company isn’t Just About Data, it’s an Environmental Decision

The environmental impacts of your business decisions can have long-term and far-reaching effects on your community and the global environment. While it might seem like just another drop in the ocean, improper disposal of film and other chemical-laden documents can be very harmful to the environment and can result in your company getting fined or… Read More »

Your Password Protection Best Practices are Outdated

Large data breaches are often linked back to a simple and common problem: bad passwords. Even today in a heightened digital security environment, there are a number of common mistakes that can have serious consequences when it comes to protecting online information.  Using strong passwords should be a top priority. Here are the top mistakes… Read More »