How to beat the Sunday Scaries to maximize your productivity Monday morning

Are you the type of person who is excited and ready to roll Monday morning? Do you look forward to your work week even when relaxing and enjoying your downtime on the weekends? Not everyone is, obviously. The concept of the “Sunday Scaries” has taken off as a cute way to describe that not so… Read More »

How might you better train new hires to be vigilant when operating in their email?

As a business, data security seems like a constantly moving target. The truth is that it’s never a one and done task that you can check off your to do list. Cyber security and data security are an ongoing process that everyone on your team needs to invest in. But the best place to start… Read More »

How to train your new hires to PROPERLY destroy documents they print

The appropriate time to worry about a data breach is before one occurs.  And that means you need to be sure your team knows how to proactively protect the company’s data security, especially their documents. Document management for your new hires should be a critical part of their onboarding process. But refresher courses for current… Read More »

Is your business properly destroying customer records to help maintain their privacy and security?

Various documents require different levels of destruction or recycling processes. But there is so much more to destroying a document properly than ripping up some paper and throwing it in the trash. To manage the documentation and avoid increased security risks of improper disposal, here are the processes we manage at Happy Faces Records Management… Read More »

Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Weekend to Recharge for Monday Morning

Ever heard of the Sunday Scaries? You may have certainly felt them. That’s the feeling you get on Sunday when you realize that the weekend has slipped away from you and you don’t even know what you did with your time. Before you know it, you’re back to work for another week. While great weekends… Read More »

How to Better Off-Board Team Members to Minimize theRisk of Data Breach

You’ve heard plenty of talk about the importance of onboarding team members for better data security. But did you know that the highest risk comes from a poor off-boarding process? Here’s why off-boarding is so important, and how to do it better.   What is Off-boarding and Why Does It Matter?  Off-boarding is, at heart,… Read More »

Your Work-from-Anywhere Culture Could be Negatively Impacting Data Security

The corporate shift from in-office to remote work cultures has been fascinating. But inevitably, such dramatic changes do come with a cost. In this case, the cost is increased risk to data security. There are things you can do to protect both the remote friendly workplace and the integrity of your systems. Here are a… Read More »

Three Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process to Protect Internal Company Data

New employees are a great opportunity to establish the processes and best practices that will keep your internal company data safe and secure. Making sure that new employees know and understand the risks inherent in their work, and arming them with the tools and knowledge they need to do their best work is critical. Here… Read More »

How might you turn around your day when feeling unmotivated?

Inevitably, work can become stressful or boring at times. Many people struggle with both. Whether you’re juggling too many tasks, trying to work with limited resources, limited time, or even difficulty with prioritization, there are steps you can take to stay motivated through it all. Here are several tips you can use to help take… Read More »

How to train your team to stay alert when processing requests from other clients

Of course, the best time to prepare for a data breach is before one even occurs. There are any number of preventative measures you and your team can take to protect your business, but none of them are helpful after the fact. Information security training for your new hires should be a critical part of… Read More »