Start cleaning those old file cabinets by upgrading to offsite file storage

If you are still managing your documents on site, chances are that your filing system is your biggest weakness. From lost documents to the ongoing cost of housing hard copy records (or servers) on site, you are actively risking your data and your peace of mind by not upgrading to an offsite file storage system.… Read More »

The key to decluttering your office…the secure way

It’s that time of year when we all look to clear out the clutter and start fresh. Your office is no exception. But how do you organize your office without putting your clients and your employees at risk? The answer is in your document recycling and disposal process. Here’s what you should know about recycling… Read More »

How should you properly dispose of old plastic film?

Plastic film recycling is an important part of many company’s records management plan. But, it must be done in the right way or risk heavy penalties. For industries like healthcare, there are unique challenges around document disposal because of data security. But the amount of x-ray and other film is of real concern to hospitals… Read More »

Learning from 2018: A Look at Our Best Data Security Articles to Prepare You for 2019

2018 has been a big year for data security. More people are learning the importance of heightened digital security than ever before, but there is still much to learn as trends change and hackers learn new tricks. The past year we’ve focused on sharing our best data security content to help keep you and your… Read More »

Will AI Lead to Better Security in Your Office or Will it Lead to Increased Challenges?

You might be surprised to hear that the next wave of cybersecurity tools and resources might actually be coming from the realm of artificial intelligence. But it’s true. AI has been making great strides in usefulness and applicability. As cybersecurity concerns grow and businesses remain key targets for hackers and cybercrime, the industry response has… Read More »

Looking to 2019: What Can We Expect from Big Data in the New Year?

Big data means big business so if you are not on to the trend of the times, you are missing out. Here’s what the future brings for those of you looking to bring big data into your business processes in 2019. What Is Big Data? The term big data is used to refer to the… Read More »

Tired of Receiving Spam Calls and the Threats that Come with Them? Here’s How to Block Them Outright

Spam calls are on the rise, and to keep yourself and your business safe from scammers, you need to nip them in the bud. But if your phone number is posted publicly or if you’ve been put on an unknown list what can you do to stop the influx? Here are 5 things you can… Read More »

Is your company overlooking this data security gap?

One of the biggest but still largely ignored data security risks is in the disposal of technological equipment. Physical record disposal has long been considered to be an important part of a company’s data protection processes. But while you can’t shred old computers, poor disposal of technological records can result in major security breaches, loss… Read More »

Are password managers like 1Password truly secure for your office?

Passwords are a challenge for all businesses, but they are a crucial part of your data security strategy. The fact is that they are still the number one vulnerability when it comes to data security at work. Whether they’re too short, too easy to guess, or too commonly used, once a hacker has access to… Read More »

Are your mobile apps sharing data about you? How to protect yourself…and your organization

Oversharing isn’t just something teenagers do online these days. Your mobile apps might be oversharing on behalf of you and your organization without you even knowing it. Most apps, particularly ones that are free, are designed to collect and share your data in some form or another. That can mean big problems for your organizational… Read More »