Steps to Take If You Think Your Computer Has a Virus

When it comes to your computer, it’s the gateway to the Internet and a target for hackers. Malware can come in many forms, like an innocent-looking email that contains a virus that infects your computer. There’s also ransomware, where hackers lock your personal information until you pay them. 


Once hackers have access to your computer, whether it’s through a virus or another means, they can then steal sensitive data, post inappropriate ads, and make your device vulnerable to more malware.  


If you think you have been a victim of a hacker or your device has a virus, what can you do? Here’s how to recognize and remove it, as well as avoid it in the future.  

How To Protect Your Computer from a Virus


Step #1: Know the signs. 


If your computer is suddenly significantly slow or crashes all the time, or it won’t shut down or restart, it’s a red flag. Other signs include many pop-ups all of a sudden or inappropriate ads, a new default search engine; emails sent you didn’t write, or toolbars or icons in your browser you didn’t set up.  


Step #2: Don’t enter sensitive information. 


If you see these signs, stop shopping online and avoid using your online bank or social media accounts. You don’t want to give the hacker more access until the situation is resolved.   


Step #3: Run security software. 


Whatever security software you have, check it on your computer. If you don’t have it, find a reputable one and download it. This will then scan your computer for any viruses or malware. Delete whatever it identifies as a problem, and then restart your computer. Run a second scan to make sure everything is removed.  


Step #4: Keep your software and system up to date.  


Set up automatic updates. Often, updates contain security fixes, so you’ll have the latest software or system that can protect your personal information.  


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