3 Mindset Shifts to Feel Happier

Everyone wants to feel happier. But you don’t need to win the lottery, get a big promotion, or go on a fancy vacation to up your happy factor. Instead, you can simply work to make three simple mindset shifts that are proven to improve your mood and satisfaction with life. Here’s what to realize.

#1: Happiness isn’t a prize.

Happiness is a non-negotiable foundation for your life, not a prize to be won. You don’t get to be happy once you work hard enough or achieve a certain goal.

Why is this important to realize?

Studies show people who are happy are more productive, less stressed, more likely to help others, more creative, and healthier overall. As a result, people who are happier are more successful and actually earn more over the course of their life.

#2: Happiness isn’t what you think.

Happiness doesn’t mean you’re always smiling or feeling positive 100% of the time. To truly succeed in your life and your career, you need to accept that nobody feels happy all the time. Instead, embrace the range of emotions, just like the range of seasons outside, even the more difficult ones.

For instance, if you’re angry, allow yourself to feel your anger. Acknowledge it, by stating why you’re angry and then truly let yourself feel it. This way, you can actually work through it faster and with less intensity. This is because you’re not wasting time trying to resist it. Instead, you’re facing it and moving on.

#3: Happiness needs practice.

Your daily life will be more enjoyable when you recognize your happiness is actually a skill that you have to practice, not dependent on your current life situation. One way to do that? Practice gratitude each day to improve your happiness. For instance, in the morning, write down three things you’re grateful for.

Doing this will enable you to focus on the beauty, love and blessings in your life. As a result, you’ll connect better with others, feel less anxious, and focus more on the good and less on the negative.

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