How to choose the right document destruction service for YOUR company

Knowing who and when to partner with a third party is a critical skill for business owners. Document destruction and security management are especially important. Understanding the ins and outs of your business should be a top priority for anyone you choose to trust in this capacity. But not every service is the right fit. Here’s what makes the Happy Faces Records Management company unique and potentially the right service for your company.  

We Are Rethinking Document Management 

At Happy Faces, we know that sensitive information comes in many formats. From digital files stored in the cloud to the traditional banker’s boxes of files stored in an old-fashioned archive, data security is critical across all formats. It’s also quite nuanced. The process may be different for document type, but the overall idea is the same. The sensitive information must be protected throughout the disposal process to avoid any unnecessary exposure or risk. To start, shredding of paper files is a common practice. But for those companies with more documents than can be managed on their own, enterprise-level document disposal might be a better fit.  

It’s worth noting that a simple shredding is not always enough to completely protect the information contained within the documents that were destroyed. Even shredded documents may still be reconstructed. In such cases, reconstructed documents can result in privacy violations and possible legal action if the content is sensitive and worthy of additional protection. Make sure you are working with a high-quality document management company that takes on the responsibility of destroying and recycling for you in such cases. We are taking a fresh approach to the challenges we are facing. Whether your company is navigating a newly remote workforce, a fast-growing employee base, or scaling to new markets, we will work with you to find the solution that makes sense for your business.  

Getting Out of The Box 

Proper destruction of hard copy documents is critical. But to be effective, you also need to address the digital files associated with documents. Simply deleting the files is not enough. Until that space has been written over, the possibility of recovering data still exists. Similar to shredding important paper documents, one way to ensure that your personal information is not easily accessed is by “shredding” the individual files on the hard drive. There are a variety of software programs that can shred files. But it can be confusing to know which program is right for you. We’re familiar with what tools are appropriate for what situation. Further, we can make recommendations for cloud storage (and management) that provides the coverage you need.  

Document Specific Recycling  and Destruction 

Whether you are a business that creates mostly paper documentation or a health care clinic still navigating film recycling. We know the ins and outs of document destruction. We also know how critical it is to maintain the data privacy of your clients and your business. Film recycling, for example, is an option for disposing of medical film in a way that both protects client information and the environment. Happy Faces has been providing film recycling services for the medical industry for more than 20 years. Our process meets both EPA and HIPAA standards for disposal and management of these sensitive documents.  



Destroy your documents, not your business.

Securely and completely destroying documents is critical to maintaining privacy, security and complying with federal and state regulations. Failing to heed these laws and regulations can lead to fines or imprisonment.

Why not just use your own shredder in-house?

  • It’s inefficient. Document shredding takes time and money that can be better spent elsewhere.
  • It’s not safe or secure. What does a criminal call a bag of shredded documents? A challenge. With time, determination and ill-intent, most documents can be reconstructed.
  • It kills more trees. Shredded paper just goes to the dump. We recycle everything from paper to optical media to film, safely and conveniently.
  • It makes a mess. Who needs random paper bits and dust all over the office?

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