The key to coming back to center when you feel your day getting away from you 

Some days are just the worst. It can feel like they go from bad to worse with little you can do to influence your own mood or the outcomes of your day. While it’s true that you don’t always have control over what happens to you, you do have control over your response to your surroundings and experiences. Your attitude can even influence outcomes because how we respond to tough situations sets the stage for future communications and experiences.  

Coming back to center when you feel like your day is getting away from you can mean many different things. It can mean resetting after feeling like you were unable to bring your best in a difficult meeting. It can mean simply catching your breath during a, particularly hectic day. Whatever the situation, the goal of coming back to center is how professionals in high-pressure situations set themselves up for success. Here are three things you can do to come back to center when the need arises. 

Take a Break

This tip often gets overlooked but it is probably the most helpful thing you can do when you feel like your day is getting away from you. Taking a break can be as simple as going to grab a cup of water from the kitchen, or as in-depth as going for a trip to the gym. The point is to give your brain a break from the pressures it’s experiencing in a pressurized situation. Just as you can sometimes do your best thinking when you are in the shower, a mental break will give you the space to reset and come back to center so you are prepared and eager to keep going when the time comes. 

Feed Your Body

Food and water have a dramatic impact on our emotions and stress levels. If you skipped lunch, your brainpower will suffer. Food is fuel. Make sure you are giving your body and mind the fuel you need to do the work you are asking from it. Make sure it’s good food. Healthy foods and beverages provide your body with the nutrients you need to do your job to the best of your ability. You wouldn’t try to drive a car when it’s running on empty. Why do you expect yourself to power through long days without the fuel you need to keep doing your best. 

Move It, Move It, Move It

If you are stuck at your desk all day, you will feel time slip away from you. But if you take micro-breaks by taking a simple walk or doing some stretches or light exercises, you can reset your brain and nervous system to better handle the next round of sitting and thinking. It’s not always a good time to take a walk, but even doing simple desk exercises, stretches, or movements, will get the blood flowing again and set you up for success as you dive back in.

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