Is your VPN access filled with holes for hackers to get into?

If VPN sounds like the digital security ace up your sleeve, you might be disappointed to hear that hackers know how to manipulate and get access to your critical data if you don’t have the protection you need. Data security in the modern age can be a challenge. But those challenges simply call for a modern security strategy. VPN is an important part of your digital security strategy. Here are a few ways you can keep your team connected and effective while maximizing data security.

Embrace Secure Remote Work

The gig economy has quickly changed how work is done. Remote workers bring a new edge to many teams. But if you know your remote workers are going to be on the road or connecting from public access points, as noted above, a VPN is critical. Wi-Fi connections (in business lounges, on trains, in coffee shops, etc.), can lead to data breaches. But the use of non-secure Wi-Fi is more common than ever. Our recommendation is to encourage remote workers to always connect to trusted network, use VPN, and to never use public Wi-Fi for sensitive information.

Understand What Tools Hackers Have at Their Disposal

There are a number of hacking tools available that allow people who are on an open Wi-Fi network to snoop on other people’s browsing sessions and even hijack the session. Other tools are available to capture and analyze traffic, and even what information you are inputting into a site (such as passwords). Additionally, you just don’t know who else is connected to the network. If another computer on the network is compromised (with a virus for example), that can also put your device at risk of infection. The technology hackers use to gain access to your device and your personal information is constantly evolving, so while you might have the most up to date anti-virus software and firewalls, there is always someone out there coming up with the next great idea in terms of computer hacking.

Secure Productivity

VPN is the secure answer to home-based productivity. It provides secure access to the internal network that remote employees need to be productive day in and day out. It furthermore limits risk by ensuring a secure connection while giving your remote workers access to the resources they need. If your business is operating remotely without access to a VPN, you are actively putting your data at risk. It’s the baseline for keeping your business secure in the modern age.

Secure Mobility Solutions

We get that it’s important for the modern business person to be able to access their documents on the go. Whether your team is remote, works while on the road, or just needs to be more accessible and productive throughout the day, secure and organized access to data while offsite is key. Our mobile app for iOS, Windows and Android devices puts secure access to your data in the palm of your hand, anytime and anywhere you need it.

Our eRecords Management services are also available to provide online access to records from anywhere, including on your mobile device. Features of our eRecords management solutions include retention and disposition, security and access controls, information sharing, and ease of location. By working with us, you can be confident that your documents are safe and secure, and ready to hit the road alongside your most mobile employees.

For more advice on how you can better manage your remote workforce, connect with the experts at Happy Faces Records Management today.

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