The Key to Mitigating Risk Among the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is making huge changes in businesses across industries boundaries. But with that increased connectivity comes increased risk of potential hacks and data theft. According to Tech Republic, cyber-attacks in the IoT space has grown by almost 300% in the span of 6 months. It’s clear that we need to adapt quickly and learn to deal with this increased risk to data and device security in an IoT world.

To help you understand the risk and protect yourself and your company, here are a few things you should know about security and data protection in the age of the Internet of Things.

Understanding the Internet of Things

While it sounds like the technology of the future, we’re already living in an IoT world. Many technologies that the Internet of Things depends on are already in place. Machines that speak with each other and with a variety of efficiency improving and data collection tools help to create a more productive manufacturing system, office, and any other work environment. As it turns out, often it only takes a few minor upgrades to bring your entire business online.

The Risk of the Internet of Things Devices

Unlike your computer, or even your mobile phone, IoT devices are always on, which means they are always vulnerable to attack. Many devices are always listening and always recording, meaning your data is constantly being prepared for consumption. Usually, it is you who benefits from that data collection, in terms of smart thermostats programming what time you like your temperature to go down at night, to knowing when you run out of milk and would be likely to order more from a grocery service. But when it comes to hacking IoT devices, that constant inflow of data is the ultimate payload for hackers. It’s becoming clear that a large chunk of that 280% growth in IoT attacks comes from the Mirai malware that is frequently identified in IoT devices which have been infected and turned into bots.

What You Can Do

The key to mitigating that risk is understanding the risk. There’s quite a lot that can be done to help protect your devices and your data, even with fast-growing IoT market. Making sure the devices you do have are up to date on their security is the obvious starting place. Avoid buying and selling vulnerable IoT devices, and do your research before investing in an IoT solution.

Hackers are constantly coming up with new ways to steal your data and hack your machines. That’s their job, and they are very good at it. With new technology, there are inevitable new vulnerabilities that hackers are only too happy to exploit. So, keep in mind when you are incorporating new devices into your network, your legacy security system and protocols might not be enough to keep you secure. Often, the old system will even provide a tunnel for cyber criminals to access the new system.

Consider partnering with a digital security expert who can help you find solutions to rapidly changing problems such as the protection of IoT devices. For more information on how our security experts can help you protect your business, call the Happy Faces Records Management team today.

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