Why not developing an IT infrastructure in your organization can be a costly mistake

Your IT infrastructure is at the heart of your digital success in our current age of modern technology. Not building out and supporting a robust IT infrastructure can be a costly mistake. Think of all the big name companies who have fallen victim to devastating data breaches and hacks over the last 5 years, and you’ll see how vital data security and strong IT infrastructure truly is. Without it, your company will quickly fall behind the competition. Here are four risks you are taking if you fail to invest in the right systems to help your business grow in the online ecosystem.

Slow Business Processes

Ever lost an important file in a maze of inefficient filing cabinets? Ever lost time on digging up the information you need from hard copy documents? Cloud data storage is the clear winner in today’s high tech, fast information environment. If you haven’t yet, you should be seriously considering moving your documents to the cloud. By not outsourcing your data management tasks, your company is losing time and productivity compared to those companies who do. Working with a professional data management company ensures that your critical files will be properly organized, maintained, or destroyed (as necessary) making the financial investment well worth the effort. A smooth and efficient data management system can save businesses significant time and money.

Hacked or Leaked Data

When building out an effective IT infrastructure, you are actively building the safeguards your company needs to protect you from data hacks or breaches. It’s well worth asking your IT team to encrypt all sensitive information that you have in your networks. Using extensive firewalls and strong encryption will help protect your electronic information. It’s the equivalent of shredding paper bills and documents, which you should also be doing on behalf of your customers. To take your security efforts one step further, consider taking additional measures to protect sensitive credit card and ACH payment information, by replacing numbers with X’s when displaying private information, and never storying security code numbers.

Failure of Compliance

Compliance is an important part of why you need to keep customer data safe and secure. If you are not in compliance, not only is that information at risk, but your business is at risk of heavy fines and citations that could do your company real harm. From the Global Data Protection Regulations to security standards outlined by institutions such as The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), and make sure you comply with their standards, your business needs to be in compliance with all the relevant laws and regulations governing your business and your industry. A strong IT infrastructure is necessary in making sure that you are crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s.

If you find that you are a staffing firm weighed down by your own record keeping system, or lack of effective IT infrastructure, give our team of customer service representatives a call to see how Happy Faces Records Management can help turn your company into a high functioning and efficient digital business.

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