Everyday Work Habits that Put Your Data and Records at Risk

There are so many ways hackers can gain access to your data these days, but as awareness grows most employers are getting smarter about keeping their risk to a minimum. Despite their best efforts, there are still several common work habits that still put data and records at risk. Here are 3 bad habits that… Read More »

Choosing a Film Recycling Company isn’t Just About Data, it’s an Environmental Decision

The environmental impacts of your business decisions can have long-term and far-reaching effects on your community and the global environment. While it might seem like just another drop in the ocean, improper disposal of film and other chemical-laden documents can be very harmful to the environment and can result in your company getting fined or… Read More »

Your Password Protection Best Practices are Outdated

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Why Should YOU consider Off-Site Records Management?

Information is a key asset of any organization or business, and that information requires a hands-on approach to proper management. All that time and effort to organize and maintain files (both hard copy and digital) can result in a great deal of wasted time and resources. Here are 3 reasons why you would benefit from… Read More »

How to Educate Your Team on the Importance of Document Storage and Management

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Internet of Things Attacks Grow by 280% from January-June. Is Your Data Safe?

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Why Your Atlanta Business Needs a Records Management Solution

Atlanta, Georgia is a fast-moving business environment, and inevitably with growth comes some growing pains. Whether you are finding it too difficult or time-consuming to maintain your own digital or traditional archive systems, you can’t afford to lose any more time, money, or resources to an improperly managed document archive. Here are three reasons why… Read More »

Going Digital: Why All Businesses Should Go From Paper to Digital in 2018

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How to Find the Perfect Document Storage Provider in Atlanta GA

In the interest of full disclosure, we’ll say that we believe that our company, Happy Faces Records Management, is by far the best provider of document storage solutions in the greater Atlanta area. But we know it’s important for smart businesses to shop around and think critically before making that decision. Here are a few… Read More »

Data Security Tips Every CEO Should Read

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