Why Your Atlanta Business Needs a Records Management Solution

Atlanta, Georgia is a fast-moving business environment, and inevitably with growth comes some growing pains. Whether you are finding it too difficult or time-consuming to maintain your own digital or traditional archive systems, you can’t afford to lose any more time, money, or resources to an improperly managed document archive. Here are three reasons why Atlanta businesses need a partner in records management.

Better Security

One of the biggest concerns business owners have is maintaining their documents in a safe and secure manner. This can be onsite or offsite, as the cloud offers convenience but a different type of data vulnerability. That said, on-site record storage can leave a company vulnerable to internal security hazards, such as damage, disorganization, and even corporate espionage. Happy Faces Records Management excels at protecting your records through the use of a sophisticated file storage system featuring 2d and 3d barcode tracking, climate controlled facilities, monitored and zoned fire protection, 24-hour video surveillance, intrusion detection systems, controlled access, and visitor identification verification.


File storage can be costly and inconvenient. Finding the space and the organizational system that works for you can be tricky too. Whether you’ve lost critical data in amongst the filing cabinets that many businesses find themselves stuck with, or if you just need access to something quickly and easily, nothing beats partnering with a company who really knows what they’re doing when it comes to document management.

By outsourcing your document and records management tasks, important information is kept safe and out of the way, but still easily accessible. In fact, Happy Faces can deliver hard copies within two hours of a request, and electronic data in less than ten minutes. Our unique barcode technologies help us pinpoint your exact document quickly and efficiently, which is often more than can be said for most on-site filing systems. Additionally, Happy Faces offers a mobile app for iOS, Windows and Android devices which provide our customers with secure access to your data at the press of a button.


There are many security and compliance concerns when it comes to destroying old business documents, but surprisingly many companies still fail to manage their documents properly. The risk of identity theft, improper use, and even fines due to compliance failures are all potential repercussions of this kind of negligence. Depending on your industry and the governing regulations, document disposal can take up much more of your business resources than you might initially think. For example, many companies are required to store certain documentation for a period of time but find onsite storage to costly or inconvenient to do it properly. Various federal and state regulations, in fact, mandate the proper protection and destruction of sensitive data that may reside in your records. Consider partnering with a team of document management experts who can help you accomplish your compliance goals while taking the burden off your office at the same time.

For more thoughts on how we at Happy Faces Records Management can help you achieve your business goals through records management, contact us today.


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