Going Digital: Why All Businesses Should Go From Paper to Digital in 2018

How many times have you had to dig through file cabinet after file cabinet for a document you desperately need to find quickly and easily? If you’re like most businesses it’s happened more than once. Even if you do inevitably find what you’re looking for, that time lost is invaluable and can do real damage to your team’s productivity and effectiveness. Here are a few thoughts on how data scanning services can make your records management woes disappear.

Overcoming the Threat of Lost Data

Paper documentation has been the business standard for many, many years. But as more companies move to the cloud, they are seeing how this digital transformation can make all the difference. Paper records are constantly under threat of damage and loss, with most documents left unsupported by a digital backup. Just as computer crashes can lead to devastating loss of data, the loss of paper files can leave a business hamstrung. The only way to protect yourself and your company against loss of critical files is to regularly back up your data to an external location. Having a digital copy saved to the cloud will allow you to access your documents whenever you need them, from wherever you are. Having the same information available from multiple locations means that you’ll never deal with the frustration of not having the documentation you need.

Freeing Up Space

It’s also worth considering that computers have limited storage space, and files which are important to maintain but not accessed on a regular basis are often better off saved in a backup location. This makes room for more files which are used regularly and even reduces computer run time.

When you analyze the amount of time and effort that goes in to backing up your files or worse, printing them and storing them, it is clear that the benefits far outweigh the cost. While the initial commitment to scan and store paper documents can seem like a lot of work, once your document storing systems have been updated, your business will have more room to grow.

Searchable Files

The internet itself became vastly more useful the minute digital search came into being. Similarly, your document archives can provide a wellspring of information and data at the touch of a button. Files managed through our eRecords management service are available to be accessed from anywhere, including from a mobile device. This service makes retention and disposition more manageable, while at the same time providing critical security features and access controls. But it’s the search function that provides easy location of valuable content, even on the run from our mobile app (available for iOS, Windows and Android devices).

By moving from traditional file systems to digital, you literally put secure access to your data in the palm of your hand at any time. Call Happy Faces Records Management today to see how our data scanning services can help you on your journey to this digital transformation.

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