How to Find the Perfect Document Storage Provider in Atlanta GA

In the interest of full disclosure, we’ll say that we believe that our company, Happy Faces Records Management, is by far the best provider of document storage solutions in the greater Atlanta area. But we know it’s important for smart businesses to shop around and think critically before making that decision. Here are a few things you should consider when looking to find your partner in document storage and management.

Do they Balance Security and Access?

When it comes to records management, there is a balancing act all businesses must attempt. Security is a growing area of concern for many businesses as digital crime and data loss becomes even more common. But at the same time, it is a loss to store your documents away so safely that even you cannot gain access to them in a convenient and reasonable manner. As you consider who the best document storage provider is worth partnering with, ask them how they balance security and access.

At Happy faces, we secure and index data offsite with our unique HF Services Record Management system. With us, you can quickly access anything from 10-year-old client files to the office Superbowl pool from around the same time. And it generally only takes a few minutes to locate and access that file.

For us it’s all about balance. We protect your data while maintaining that quick access by featuring file storage systems with 2d and 3d barcode tracking, 24/7 access to our office by phone, email, web, fax, or even through a customized Happy Faces Portal. We provide real-time access and dispatch services, as well as GPS tracked vehicles for point-to-point service.

Do They Know How to Protect Your Data?

If the company you are looking to partner with isn’t well versed in their data security offerings, buyer beware! We are living and working in an increasingly risky digital space, with cyber crime on the rise like never before. We know and prepare for the worst case scenarios so you don’t have to. Just a few of our security features include climate controlled storage facilities, including enclosure storage, as well as a closely monitored and zoned fire protection system for traditional archives. In addition, we provide 24-hour video surveillance, intrusion detection systems, controlled access, and visitor identification verification.

Do They Care About the Customer?

Customer experience is and always has been the deal breaker for businesses looking to succeed in this space. We’ve seen this to be true since the beginning. That’s why we are called Happy Faces Records Management. We focus on securing the win-win-win for our clients. We actually want to see our clients and employees happy because to us, it’s personal. We are dedicated to consistently surpassing service performance standards, exceeding expectations, and demonstrating a spirit of trust and respect to our customers and the community we serve. That’s what makes us different.

If you would like to learn more about the Happy Faces Records Management team and our unique vision of client success, contact us today.

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